Best wired earphones you can buy under Rs 1,000

  • These earphones work with smartphones and feature phones that still support the 3.5mm audio jack
  • The earphones don’t fall off the ears while moving, which makes them durable
  • Wired earphones also let you make voice calls and control volume for music playback

Wireless earbuds are the growing trend these days but the market for wired earphones is still pretty huge considering there are still many phones with 3.5mm headphone jack launching these days. Traditional earphones have been reliable for performance and allow you to take calls on the go thanks to the built-in microphone. More importantly, unlike the wireless earbuds, you don’t have to worry about losing the earphone buds while moving with these wired earphones. And you can get the best value earphones for less than Rs 1,000. Here are the best earphones under Rs 1,000 that you can buy in India.

Things to consider when buying budget wired earphone

Budget earphones are anything but average. These days you can get them with sound-based drivers, with emphasis on bass output and even the option to activate voice assistant. Earphones are also ideal for taking calls hands-free. Here are the top things to consider when buying them

  • Design that fits: Earphones are meant for music but getting the right model is based on its design and the fit of the earbuds. The in-ear products should offer snug fit, and if you have broader ears, go for those with fin-shaped tips at the end for comfortable fitting.
  • Sound matters: Earphones have to deliver with enhanced sound quality. For this you have the keep a check on the drivers packed inside the earbuds, the impedance level and frequency response range and sensitivity offered. All these entail you get budget earphones that are perfect for your music choice.
  • Durability is a must: Earphones have wires, which can break with rough usage. So, it is vital these days to go for models that have braided cables, along with strongly constructed headphone connectors. Also pick the products that have a minimum of IPX4 water and sweat resistance rating. All these ensure you don’t keep spending on earphones regularly.
  • More than just earphones: If you can get earphones with multiple features that’s great. Now you have options with built-in microphone for hands-free calling. Having in-line controls also come in handy, so that you can change music, or answer calls with a tap on the button.

1. Ant Audio Wave 506

Ant Audio has its Wave 506 earphones in the market, and is our first choice that we recommend to buyers. These earphones feature high-quality dynamic drivers that offer bass sound output and deliver ideal noise isolation with its in-ear design. Wave 506 supports HiFi stereo sound quality and the use of silicone earbuds along with lightweight materials give you comfort while listening for long hours. The earphone has in-line buttons to take phone calls or control music with a single touch. You can use these earphones with PC, mobile, tablet, PSP and more devices, showing its wide range of compatibility. The brand has managed to equip the earphone with surround sound quality to appeal to the audiophiles. Buyers love the Wave 506 for its excellent sound quality and suggest everyone to go for it at this price.

2. boAt Bassheads 242

Boat is an obvious contender in the budget range, and we suggest you to consider the Bassheads 242 earphones. It has been built using PVC cable, which not only makes it durable but also ensures you a tangle-free wire usage. BoAt has added 10mm drivers into the buds for wide dynamic sound range and deep bass output. Bassheads 242 also comes with IPX4 rating which delivers water and sweat resistance. So, you can easily wear these for your workout, outdoor running and other fitness activities. It works with all phones that support 3.5mm audio jack. Like other earphones in this range, this one also features in-line controls for quick access to phone calls and music playback functions. The hook setup inside the buds ensure anyone can wear these and stop worrying about the earphones falling off. As you’d expect, people love its sound output, the durability of wires is a big plus as well, and the bass produced in the ears excites most of them.

3. Redmi Earphone

Xiaomi has got its sub-brand Redmi offering budget wired earphone and we can most certainly suggest that to the buyers here. This earphone comes with built-in microphone that lets you take voice calls hands-free. It features aluminium alloy sound chamber with 10mm dynamic drivers that produce strong bass and treble sound output. Redmi has also equipped the earphone to support hi-res audio and crystal clear vocals. The brand is also designing the audio jack in reinforced 90-degree angle to fit on most devices. The design engineering of the earbuds offer ergonomic fit in the ear for long time comfort and prevents any noise leak while listening to music or watching movies. The earplugs also prevents earwax from forming inside thanks to the mesh which keeps the sound quality intact. The 3.5mm connector works with most smartphones that come with headphone jack. Most people would happily pick the Redmi earphones over other brands for its durability, reliable sound quality and other functional options at this price.

4. JBL C50HI

User recommended

JBL is another popular choice in the budget audio segment, and its C50HI is a strong contender in this range. The earphone produces signature sound quality that JBL has offered for many years. The company has tuned the buds to deliver high and clean bass along with that. It is also worth talking about its dynamic frequency range which gives a good account of itself when playing medleys or light tone music. The company has made sure the buds tightly fit in the air that offers clean sound performance. The built-in microphone is there to help you with taking voice calls on the go. And you also get one-touch control to activate Google Assistant or Siri from the smartphone. The overall dimension of the earphones makes it lightweight and with additional three tip sizes in the box, it can fit anyone. JBL delivers another solid product that is totally worth the money. Some even like the way the brand has focused on the design of the earbuds to offer additional comfort.

5. Realme Buds 2

Realme came out with the Buds series not that long ago and got itself a winner. Now the brand is back with the Buds 2 wired earphones, promising quality and value in equal measure. This earphone features 11.2mm bass boost driver that offer deep and powerful sound output for the perfect listening experience. The design of the earphones include braided jacket that has been wrapped over TPU cable, providing extra durability and longer usage without any wear and tear. The buds have been equipped with built-in magnet that helps you attach both the sides together to avoid entangling between each other. The earphones have in-line remote features that can be operated using three physical buttons to help you pick voice calls or even control music playback, and volume. No surprises then to see Buds 2 become another popular choice among others. It has durability with the braided cables, the build quality is also impressive for the price, and bass lovers would pick these any day.

6. boAt BassHeads 100

Another Basshead model from boAt that we can highly recommend to buyers. The company has opted for unique hawk design that easily fits in most ear sizes. boAt has included 10mm drivers to give you the ideal sound experience, with a hint of bass bringing more excitement to the table. Basshead 100 also integrates HD microphone which delivers crystal clear voice calls, an essential for taking important meetings on the move. Another special mention for the hawk design which has been customised to sit and offer a noise leak-free sound experience. It also lets you enjoy music wired in for long hours. The multi-function controls also allow you to activate voice assistant like Siri and Google Assistant from the phone itself. Basshead 100 gets strong recommendation from most buyers, who get good value for the product, decent sound quality and from a reliable brand.

7. Blaupunkt EM10

Blaupunkt has started making quite a few products in the market, and the EM10 budget earphones is part of its new business focus. Another brand that has given strong focus to the earbuds ergonomics, by tweaking the in-ear design to 45-degree angle for a secure fit. Blaupunkt has included both in-line mic and remote for quick access to voice calls and other playback functions, respectively. But that’s not all, the company is also making sure the sound quality offered meets your standard. The earbuds are also good at isolating the noise, which is another crucial feature for taking calls. Another smart thing from the brand is the use of L-shaped connector, giving it longer life. No regrets after going for the EM10 is the buyer verdict. They love its sound quality, the passive noise isolation works to good effect and the mid-level bass output is preferred by many.

8. Boult Audio BassBuds X1

The BassBuds X1 is another budget earphone packing the right set of features, and combining them with premium design and comfort. Boult Audio offers fin-shaped tips over the ear loop to give stable fit in the ear, which is needed if you go for running, cycling, or climbing. The premium metallic finish has been offered by using lightweight materials and IPX5 water resistance adds further touch of durability to the BassBuds X1. The brand has also equipped extra bass into the earphones for extra thump and the 10mm drivers perform to its best sound capability. On the music front, BassBuds X1 has micro woofers to deliver high definition audio with 3D surround sound. Using wood materials enhances the sound signature of the earphones as well. As you go through the feature list and notice the price tag, the difference is staggering for most people who bought the BassBuds X1. Great sound output, reliable durability and long-lasting build quality.

9. Mivi Rock and Roll E5

MIVI has got its Rock and Roll E5 wired earphone in the mix over here. The first thing you would notice with these is the giant MIVI braiding on the units, that have been offered in a premium package. MIVI has used tangle-free braided cables on the earphone, along with L-shaped connector to work on most devices. The earphones are well suited to deliver with bass output as well, something that buyers in this range demand nowadays. Mivi has equipped both the buds with 10mm drivers for the bass you crave. The buds also have been designed to provide snug fit for users, which again helps with better sound reach for the ears. The earphone has built-in mic, so you can connect the E5 to any device and take voice calls or attend important work meetings. The E5 has been adjudged to be decent for the price, some are even surprised how MiVi manages to sell it this low.

10. pTron Pride Lite HBE

pTron is our last suggestion for buyers, and the brand has got its Pride Lite HBE worth going for in this range. Right off the bat, the metallic touch is what that catches your eye. The earphones pack 10mm drivers along with neodynamic magnets to deliver full-range stereo sound. pTron has made these sweat-resistant, which is ideal for workouts and running outdoors. The lightweight nature of the earphone also takes care of secure fit of the earbuds. Pride Lite HBE also features built-in mic and in-line controls to manage music, change volume or answer calls. Most people call it the ideal budget earphone that has something for each kind of listener and music enthusiast.