Best wired earphones you can buy under Rs 1,000

  • These earphones work with smartphones and feature phones that still support the 3.5mm audio jack
  • The earphones don’t fall off the ears while moving, which makes them durable
  • Wired earphones also let you make voice calls and control the volume for music playback

Wireless earbuds are a growing trend these days but the market for wired earphones is still pretty huge considering there are still many phones with 3.5mm headphone jack launching these days. Traditional earphones have been reliable for performance and allow you to take calls on the go thanks to the built-in microphone. More importantly, unlike wireless earbuds, you don’t have to worry about losing the earphone buds while moving with these wired earphones. And you can get the best value earphones for less than Rs 1,000. Here are the best earphones under Rs 1,000 that you can buy in India.

Things to consider when buying budget wired earphones

Budget earphones are anything but average. These days you can get them with sound-based drivers, with emphasis on bass output and even the option to activate voice assistant. Earphones are also ideal for taking calls hands-free. Here are the top things to consider when buying them

  • Design that fits: Earphones are meant for music but getting the right model is based on its design and the fit of the earbuds. The in-ear products should offer a snug fit, and if you have broader ears, go for those with fin-shaped tips at the end for comfortable fitting.
  • Sound matters: Earphones have to deliver with enhanced sound quality. For this you have the keep a check on the drivers packed inside the earbuds, the impedance level and frequency response range and the sensitivity offered. All these entail you get budget earphones that are perfect for your music choice.

Pro Tips

  • Durability is a must: Earphones have wires, which can break with rough usage. So, it is vital these days to go for models that have braided cables, along with strongly constructed headphone connectors. Also pick the products that have a minimum of IPX4 water and sweat resistance rating. All these ensure you don’t keep spending on earphones regularly.
  • More than just earphones: If you can get earphones with multiple features that’s great. Now you have options with a built-in microphone for hands-free calling. Having in-line controls also come in handy, so that you can change music, or answer calls with a tap on the button.

1. Kratos Thump Wired Earphones

If you want a pair of extremely affordable and bass-driven wired earphones, the Kratos wired earphones are one of the best choices available. The wireless earphones come with an integrated mic to make it easy to take calls and communicate with your friends via the in-game voice chat. The earphones are designed to produce thumping bass as well as a clear sound in your music tracks with its large 10mm drivers. Its build features an extra tough braided cable and a silver plated audio jack for a long earphone lifespan. Kratos wired earphones are also lightweight and snuggly fit in your ears for long hours of comfort. Further, the earphones are IPX4 rated for water resistance. This lets you use the earphone while working out, for instance. Buyers too recommend the earphones for their sound quality and the number of features it brings to the table for the asking price.

2. boAt Bassheads 242

Boat is an obvious contender in the budget range, and we suggest you to consider the Bassheads 242 earphones. It has been built using PVC cable, which not only makes it durable but also ensures tangle-free wire usage. BoAt has added 10mm drivers into the buds for a wide dynamic sound range and deep bass output. Bassheads 242 also comes with an IPX4 rating which delivers water and sweat resistance. So, you can easily wear these for your workout, outdoor running and other fitness activities. It works with all phones that support a 3.5mm audio jack. Like other earphones in this range, this one also features in-line controls for quick access to phone calls and music playback functions. The hook setup inside the buds ensures anyone can wear these and stop worrying about the earphones falling off. As you’d expect, people love its sound output, the durability of the wires is a big plus as well, and the bass produced in the ears excites most of them.

3. PHILIPS Audio TAE1126 wired in-ear earphones

If you are in the market for a pair of wired earphones that come with an in-line mic and a long cable, the PHILIPS Audio TAE1126 could be a perfect choice. With a 1.2m long cable, these earphones will ensure you the flexibility that is sometimes needed while talking over calls. On top of this, these in-ear earphones offer impressive sound quality and a distinctly lucrative design. Considering that the earphones come at an extremely affordable price point, there is no denying the fact that PHILIPS Audio TAE1126 wired in-ear earphones are a popular choice among buyers.

4. Blaupunkt EM10 in-Ear Wired Earphones

With an in-line mic and a comfortable in-ear design, these earphones offer a good choice under Rs 1,000 in India. Despite being priced affordably, these earphones offer impressive sound quality that is hard to find in its price range. One of the impressive aspects of these earphones is that the in-ear fit is so good that even if you go out jogging or running, the ear tips stay put in place. As per the company’s claims, these earphones are also effective in blocking out ambient noise, which can be extremely helpful if you have to talk on calls in noisy environments. Overall, at this price point, with Blaupunkt EM10 in-Ear wired earphones you get a pair of earphones that offer great value and features.    

5. JBL C100SI Wired In Ear earphones

The JBL C100SI in-ear earphones come with immersive sound with an emphasis on bass. The earphones are lightweight and comfortable and ergonomically designed to let you wear them for long hours. You get smart voice assistant support (Google Assistant and Siri) that you can activate by long pressing the button on the control panel. The dedicated remote button can also be used to receive or reject phone calls as well as control the music playback with single-tap and double-tap gestures. The earbuds get a metallic finish for premium looks. The 3.5mm audio jack is also gold plated for less interference and better audio quality. The earphones work over the standard frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz. You also get three size ear tips to offer perfect fit and disturbance-free listening. Buyers also thought the JBL C100SI in-ear earphones are some of the best-sounding budget earbuds. So, if you’re thinking of buying a pair of budget earbuds that put an emphasis on good sound reproduction, these are one of the best on the market.

6. Audio-Technica COR150IS BK Sonic Sport

Audio-Technica brand name is quite synonymous with excellent sound quality. Audio-Technica BK Sonic Sport earphones follow the same line of strategy and feature immersive sound that audiophiles will love. The company has designed the earphones to offer a secure and comfortable fit in your ears for long hours with its snap-on/off-ear hook design. Thanks to its 8.5mm drivers the earphones produce a clear and detailed sound that has depth in all kinds of soundtracks. Further, the earphones feature excellent passive noise isolation for a distraction-free music listening experience. The company also includes 3 different-sized ear tips to offer a perfect fit for all ears. The earphone wires are tangle-free so you can avoid tangled wires. You get inline controls such as play and pause buttons to control the music or video playback or accept/reject phone calls. And users who bought the Audio-Technica BK Sonic Sport earphones recommend them for their sound quality as well as their durable build.

7. boAt Bassheads 102

If you’re seeking a pair of quality wired earphones while still ensuring a well-built build and good sound quality, the boAt Bassheads 102 earphones are one of the best choices available on the market. boAt Bassheads 102 earphones come with magnetic earbuds for added convenience and efficient storage space management. The sleek earphones feature immersive audio and come with an angled 3.5mm connector design. Its passive noise cancellation ensures there are no disturbances while you’re blasting through your favourite music tracks. Additionally, its gold-plated audio jack ensures long durability. boAt Bassheads 102 also come with an inline microphone and a multifunction control panel to let you easily control the music. Further, the earphones come with a long cable for more flexibility. Users highly recommend the boAt Bassheads 102 earphones for their excellent sound quality and the excellent value proposition it brings to the table.

8. Mi Dual Driver in-Ear Wired Earphone with Mic

The Mi Dual Driver in-Ear Wired Earphones are some of the most durable earphones on this list. The earphones use a Dual Dynamic (10mm & 8mm) driver for enhanced bass, mids, and treble reproduction. It has an impedance of 32 ohms, which makes it compatible with a broad range of devices. The earphones have a frequency response range of 20Hz to 40kHz for an expansive soundstage. Further, the anti-slip earplugs ensure a comfortable fit for long hours while giving excellent passive noise cancellation as an added bonus. Mi Dual Driver earphones also get three-button controls. There is a one-touch voice assistant functionality as well. The earphones have a tangle-free braided cable for durability. Further, the earbuds are magnetic to avoid any tangled wires. The 3.5m gold-plated audio jack is also angled for added comfort and durability assurance. And finally, the anodized aluminum build not only ensures great bass reproduction but also adds to the overall durability of the earphone.

9. Boat Bassheads 152

Boat Bassheads 152 comes with a durable dual-tone coated cable for a long-lasting earphone lifespan. The large 10mm drivers are powering the sound reproduction on the earphone for clear sound. It also has an in-line microphone to let you receive calls. You also get a multipurpose button to receive/reject calls and control the music playback. The earbuds sport a metallic finish for premium looks and have an ergonomic design so you can wear the earphones for long hours without any discomfort. The Boat Bassheads 152 also get a gold coating on the headphone jack for a long lifespan and higher-quality sound transmission. Further, the headphone jack is also angled for added convenience and to ensure durability. The Boat Bassheads 152 earphone are available in multiple vibrant colors to suit your personality.

10. Realme Buds 2 Neo

The Realme Buds 2 Neo are frequently recommended among the lists of the best wired budget earphones. The earphone comes with an 11.2mm multi-layer Composite Diaphragm Dynamic BASS Boost driver for powerful booming bass. It has an angled headphone jack to ensure durability. You get an HD mic to receive phone calls and there is a central button to receive/reject calls as well. You can also control the music playback with the same button. The 1.3 meter-long durable cable allows more movement flexibility and it is also tangle-free for added convenience. Users who purchased the Realme Buds 2 Neo earphones say that these are some of the best-looking and best-sounding budget earphones. If you want a pair of durable, quality earphones that come with a well-rounded feature set, the Realme Buds 2 Neo earphones are among the best budget options.