Best wireless chargers for your smartphone under Rs 2,000

Looking to buy a wireless charger for your smartphone? Check out this list for the best choices.

  • Chargers come in different form factors, such as pad and stand
  • They offer protection to the phone against overcharging and overheating
  • Wireless chargers support as much as 10W charging speed for Qi-certified smartphones

Most high-end smartphones support wireless charging these days, making it convenient to charge devices without the hassle of wires. You can get these third-party chargers for well under Rs 2,000 and forget about the wired adapter to charge your phone. These chargers come from brands like Dyazo, Spigen, Amkette and Raegr among others. Here are the best wireless chargers worth buying in the market.

Things to consider while buying a wireless charger

Wireless charging is slowly coming to broad range of devices in the market. You also have wireless earbuds and smartwatches that support the feature. But generally, buying a wireless charging has few conditions that you need to now, and here are the following:

  • Go for the brand: Wireless charging options are available from many brands. But with this gadget we suggest you to pick a reliable name. Chances are a good company delivers on performance, without causing any damage to the phone. Affordable chargers means you have more options but we prefer you to play it safe and spend an extra grand or two to get a solid product.
  • Know your charging speed: We always recommend people to read through detailed specifications to know if they are buying the right product. Wattage is a crucial part of wireless charger and what speed you can get out of the device. So, make sure you know the power wattage of your phone and what the charger offers.
  • Multiple protection layers: Wireless charging is mostly offering speeds up to 15W right now. And even at that speed, you run the risk of overheating or overcharging. So, go for wireless charger that offer protection against such mishaps, which makes sure you can protect the phone and the device itself.
  • Qi Charging certified: You’ve often heard about Qi Charging, and it is basically the standard on which most wireless charging tech is based on. Apple, Samsung and Google are Qi certified, and using a wireless charger makes a lot of sense when you buy something which is certified by the industry.

Best wireless chargers under Rs 2,000 in India

1. RAEGR Arc 400

Like most chargers in the segment, Raegr Arc 400 charger is certified to be used with any Qi-charging compatible device. This means you can charge iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Note 20, or even the OnePlus phones at a decent clip. The gadget offers charging speed in the wireless mode up to 10W. The charger has been built using ABS material which makes it fire-resistant and it has an LED indicator to show you the charging status of the phone. The surface gets matte finish which make sure the device does not slip out of the charger. RARGR has offered multiple set of protection on the Arc 400 which prevents your phone from short circuit, power surge and control the temperature while charging on the pad. The bonus we feel is that you don’t need to take off the case of the phone to charge it on this unit. Make sure the case is not thicker than 5mm to make it work. Buyers call it effective, reliable and a decent budget wireless charger for their phones in the market.

2. Amkette Power Pro Air 600

Amkette is another local brand that offers wireless charging solutions for buyers. The Power Pro Air 600 from the company is a feature-packed product that we’d like people to consider. Amkette has provided the charger with 3-layer protection for your device. This includes overheat, overcharge and short circuit protection. Adding some smartness to the charger using a chip ensures the Power Pro Air 600 automatically reads the charging capability of a phone and switches the charging speed accordingly. This unit is capable of hitting 15W charging speed with eligible devices. Amkette recommends using a Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0 compatible adapter to make the best of this wireless charger. Even with its shape, Amkette has ensured the charger is flexible enough to let you charge the phone in either landscape, portrait or desk mode. It also acts as a stand for your phone on any surface. The multi-purpose use of the Power Pro Air 600 makes it a quality buy for users, who also appreciate its build quality and size of the charger.

3. Spazy Case® 3 in 1 Charging Stand

If you are willing to pay a bit higher, Spazy has got its 3-in-1 charging stand for Apple devices in the market. Its use case is fairly basic, but the multi-purpose nature means you can charge AirPods, smartwatch and even the phone at the same time. And for this price it is hard to find gadgets like that in the market. Spazy has equipped the charging dock with multiple charging protection which prevents overcharging, short circuit, overvoltage, and even keeps a check on the device temperature while charging. The phone can sit vertically or horizontally for charging, while the other two gadgets have fixed coils for placement. But Spazy is making sure even the Android phones can be charging using its stand, which makes it widely compatible as well. The stand has been made with ABS material that gets rubber coating for longer life. And the non-slip surface allows the Stand to stay planted on any platform. Smart, efficient, and practical is what most buyers say about to this Spazy Case charging stand, and people don’t mind shelling out extra for its convenience.

4. Pebble Sense Pro

Pebble Sense Pro is another budget option for buyers, which gives basic wireless charging support for a wide array of devices. This Qi Charging certified unit provides speeds up to 15W for compatible phones. Pebble is using copper coil to deliver faster charging speeds, and a smart chip which helps the device detect for any foreign object laid on the surface. The charging coil has been enlarged to let you place the phone in different angles. Use of Silicon disc makes it slip-proof which is essential to avoid the phone from falling off the surface. Use any phone with 5mm case to charge wirelessly on the Pebble Sense Pro. The overall product delivers great value for users, it is easy to use for many and convenience is one of the strong point about this product.

5. Stuffcool WC630

Stuffcool has a lot of cool products in the market, and the WC630 is its version of wireless charger. Its make in India products are quite popular, but we are suggesting this model for its purpose and performance. The WC630 charger is compatible with all Qi certified devices such as the latest iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, LG mobiles and even the older iPhone models. The charger is capable of powering devices wirelessly at 15W speed, and the bundled 18W QC 3.0 adapter keeps things ticking. The charging coil is fixed in the centre, allowing you to place the phone at any angle. Another good thing about the WC630 is that it comes with USB Type C interface, which allows you to use wide range of chargers available in the market these days. Stuffcool is also providing you the option to use a phone with case kept on while charging. You have an LED indicator which alerts for different purpose like foreign object detected, battery fully charged, and even when a phone is not kept properly. People love the speeds delivered by this charger, and that effectively makes it a reliable value for money wireless charger.

6. Spigen F308W

Spigen makes a slew of mobile accessories, and wireless charger is among them available in the market. The company promises faster wireless charging speed than others in the segment, compatible with Qi supported Android and iOS devices. Spigen has added a smart IC chip for improved device protection while charging, keeping the temperature in check, and manage the heat outflow smartly. Place your phone on the F308W overnight for charging, without any disturbance or fear of overcharging damaging the product. Spigen has included further durability for the charger, offering textured matte finish for smooth landing and placement of the phone, avoiding in slip through. Not only is the charging of the F308W up to mark, but its design also brings further appeal to desk or night stand for buyers. Worth the money, as many say.

7. SKYVIK Beam Tap Magsafe

Beam Tap Magsafe is another wireless charging option for you in this price range. As you might have figured, Skyvik has designed this specifically for iPhone users, having 12 or later models. The magnetic wireless charging is only compatible with select iPhones right now, so make sure you buy this product with that in mind. But the good thing is you get universal compatibility thanks to its regular wireless charging option. The charger provides 15W speed for iPhone and other eligible models and the compact design makes it easy to stick it on the back panel for quick results. The charging lights indicate when the device is fully juiced up, is charging or is on standby. Another value for money product available in the market as per buyers, which has been credited with elegant design and solid performance.

8. ESR Foldable Wireless Charger

Another pricey but solid option comes from brand called ESR, which has a foldable wireless charger up for grabs in this range. Not only can you keep the phone standing, but folding the pad gives you another mode to use the device. And both ways are compatible for charging. Its fast charging works on iPhones, Samsung Galaxy S series phones, and even the Pixels. The charging pad gets non-slip finish which keeps both the gadgets steady. The multi-mode option ensures you can watch movies, take calls, listen to music or even play games while charging. The foldable design also makes it travel friendly and saves you space on the desk. The flexible charging coil automatically adjusts according to the mode you are using the charger. And even the safety part is well taken care of, helping prevent overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating of device while charging. No surprises to see the ESR foldable charger is a hit for its versatility, and reliable charging speeds make the deal sweeter.

9. Yootech F500

The last product is Yootech F500 and it is one of customer’s favourite right now. It doesn’t do a lot of things but what it does is give you reliable charging support for wide range of smartphones and even wireless earbuds. It gives you a maximum wireless charging speed of 10W for most compatible devices, and you can charge the phone with the case as well. The charger comes with USB Type C interface which is good to see these days. Yootech has added multiple intelligent protection technology to keep the charging device safe. And the charger itself has been built using ABS material which makes it fire resistant. Add to that Yootech has made it sleep-friendly, so that the screen remains shut to disturb while sleeping. Buyers found it easy to use, reliable and a no non-sense gadget worth having.

10. Dyazo

If you are new to wireless charging and prefer to try out cheaper options, then brand called Dyazo has a charging pad worth buying. It supports all Qi certified devices that includes iPhone X or later models, Samsung Galaxy phones as well as few devices from LG. The charging pad offers charging speed up to 7.5W and 10W for iPhone and Android phones, respectively. It also helps you with fast charging for devices that support Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0 technology. The round-shaped pad can be placed on a flat surface and the charger will automatically register the charging speed require for the device, this smartness ensures your phone never overcharges. The shape of the pad does not limit its capability, as the coil is placed centrally, which allows you to keep the phone in different angles. Many buyers recommend this for low risk purchase. The charging speeds are reliable, and you get optimum use out of the pad for most compatible devices.