Best wireless chargers for your smartphone under Rs 2,000

Looking to buy a wireless charger for your smartphone? Check out this list for the best choices.

  • Chargers come in different form factors, such as pad and stand
  • They offer protection to the phone against overcharging and overheating
  • Wireless chargers support as much as 10W charging speed for Qi-certified smartphones

Most high-end smartphones support wireless charging these days, making it convenient to charge devices without the hassle of wires. You can get these third-party chargers for well under Rs 2,000 and forget about the wired adapter to charge your phone. These chargers come from brands like Syska, Amkette and Raegr among others. Here are the best wireless chargers worth buying in the market.

Best wireless chargers under Rs 2,000 in India

1. RAEGR Arc 400

The Raegr Arc 400 charger is certified to use Qi-charging compatible devices, offering up to 10W charging speeds. It comes with short circuit prevention, surge protection, and temperature control. The charger is made of ABS material which makes it fire-resistant and its LED indicator to show the charging status of the phone. It can charge phones with a case with up to 5mm thickness. Raegr Arc 400 is priced at Rs 999 in India.

2. Amkette Power Pro Air 600

The Power Pro Air 600 from Amkette is a feature-packed charger. It has been designed with 3-layer protection for your device. This includes overheat, overcharge and short circuit protection. Add to that, the charger automatically reads the charging capability of a phone and switches the charging speed according to that. Using a Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0 adapter you make the best of this wireless charger. But more importantly, this charger is flexible enough to let you charge a phone in landscape, portrait and desk mode. The Power Pro Air 600 will cost you Rs 1,599 in the market right now.

3. Skyvik Beam 2

Skyvik Beam 2 offers wireless charging support and comes with 2 coils that let you charge a phone vertically or horizontally. This allows you to use the device even when it is charging. It supports charging speeds 7.5W and 10W for Apple and Samsung phones, respectively. The surface base of the charger is made of silicon rubber which keeps the phone secure on the stand and protects from possible overcharging, power surge etc. And it lets you keep phones with cases up to 6mm thickness for charging, making sure you do not have to take out the cover every time before putting it for charge.

Skyvik Beam 2 is priced at Rs 1,649 in India.

4. Dyazo

If you don’t want to spend big money and still want a reliable wireless charger, then the charging pad from Dyazo is worth buying. It supports all Qi certified devices that includes iPhone X or later, Samsung Galaxy phones as well as few devices from LG. The charging pad offers charging speed up to 7.5W and 10W for iPhone and Android phones, respectively. You can also connect devices that support Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0 technology. The round-shaped pad can be placed on a flat surface and the charger will automatically register the charging speed require for the device.

Dyazo wireless charging pad is available for Rs 899 in the market.

5. Unigen

The range of affordable wireless chargers in this piece continues with the Unigen charging stand. The multi-directional stand ensures you can watch videos or take a video call while it is resting on the charging stand. Unigen has equipped the stand with three charging modes that is compatible with different phones. You get 7.5W for the iPhones, 10W for Samsung Galaxy Note devices and 5W charging speed on the Google Pixel series. The engineering of the stand includes two coils that offers you a wider charging base and negates the point of having a sweet spot. The stand protects charging device from power surge, short-circuit and offers temperature control.

Unigen charging stand can be bought for Rs 1,099 in India.

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