Best wireless keyboard-mouse combo under Rs 2,000

Looking for a reliable wireless keyboard-mouse combo for your PC? Check out this list.

Using a wired keyboard can be a lot of hassle, especially if you are working from home. The chances of cable entangling with others can lead to a lot of mess. This is why people are better off going for wireless devices that do not cost much these days. You have plenty of options that give keyboard and mouse as a combo, and all these cost well below Rs 2,000. Here are the best options you will find in the market.

1. Portronics Key2

The Key2 bundle of wireless keyboard and mouse fits right into the budget that most people consider while buying. The overall dimension of the keyboard gives it a compact touch, making it easy to carry around in a bag. Both the mouse and keyboard have an in-built nano receiver that works through a USB device connected to the PC you want to use them with. Through this, you can wirelessly connect the mouse and keyboard for up to a range of 30 feet. The bundled mouse comes with a central scroll button and the noiseless nature makes it convenient to use on any surface. The ergonomics of the mouse make sure your palm rests comfortably.

2. iBall i4 Deskset

The i4 Deskset is another option worth looking at. This full-sized keyboard features a slim design, and the special soft keys offer decent tactile feedback. It has a total of 105 keys with life for up to 10 million life cycles. Along with this, you get the wireless mouse that has a comfortable design with right-hand ergonomics in place. It comes with an on-off switch to make sure you don’t run out of battery while lying idle. The mouse lets you switch resolution between 800 to 1600 dpi. And the switch on the mouse can easily last you for 5 million life cycles.

3. Amkette Wi-Key Plus

This keyboard-mouse combo will cost you lower than top brands but performance is like you desire. The keyboard features a sleek design and come with con-curved keys that offer firmer keystrokes. It gets CAPS and NUM lock keys with LED indicator that tells you when it is turned on. It also includes multimedia buttons can be used to control music playback and volume. Talking about the bundled mouse, it features adjustable DPI that can be set to level of 1600 so that you can use it for regular as well as gaming needs. Just connect the nano receiver to your system and it will work without any driver or software. The buttons offer tactile clicks and you will not experience any drop in connectivity.

4. HP 3ML04AA

Best in class

HP is a popular brand but this keyboard-mouse combo will cost you a bit more. The keyboard features full-size keys, including the arrow ones and the number pad. The three-zone keyboard ensures you get efficient performance and typing accuracy without any compromise in comfort. It has ten hot keys for one-touch access to the internet, email and search. The Fn keys also offer various shortcuts, to open task manager, or restart the system during any issue. The design of the bundled wireless mouse caters to the ergonomics of handling. This allows you to operate the mouse for long hours without any discomfort. It also has the scroll button that helps you move around a page without having to press any key.

5. Quantum Deskstar 1

If you want something on a budget, the Deskstar 1 is a reliable option worth looking at. This wireless keyboard and mouse combo operates using the bundled nano receiver. Just plug it to your Windows/Mac OS system and start using it without installing any drivers. The keyboard features spill resistant keys and has multimedia hot keys also. Both the devices have independent power switch, and you can turn them off to save battery. These come equipped with 2.4G wireless connectivity that offers lag-free performance. Coming to the mouse, it gets noiseless buttons, anti-skid scroller and supports DPI from 800 to 1600 for varied performance compatibility.

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