Best wireless keyboard-mouse combo under Rs 2,000

Looking for a reliable wireless keyboard-mouse combo for your PC? Check out this list.

Using a wired keyboard can be a lot of hassle, especially if you are working from home. The chances of cable entangling with others can lead to a lot of mess. This is why people are better off going for wireless devices that do not cost much these days. You have plenty of options that give keyboard and mouse as a combo, and all these cost well below Rs 2,000. Here are the best options you will find in the market.

1. Portronics Key2

The Key2 bundle of wireless keyboard and mouse fits right into the budget that most people consider while buying. The overall dimension of the keyboard gives it a compact touch, making it easy to carry around in a bag. Both the mouse and keyboard have an in-built nano receiver that works through a USB device connected to the PC. Buyers love its overall quality and the fact the keys are smooth, and the mouse does not make a sound while clicking. The sleek keyboard fits on your table without taking a lot of space as well. You can wirelessly connect the mouse and keyboard for range of up to 30 feet. The bundled mouse comes with a central scroll button. The ergonomics of the mouse make sure your palm rests comfortably. People found it reliable for daily office use and casual scrolling.

2. Dell Km117

Best option

Dell KM117 is a standout option as per those who’ve bought it, and there are many reasons to ascertain those claims. Firstly, the combo is compatible to work with most Windows versions that includes the 7,8,8.1 and 10 among others. The overall ergonomics of the keyboard and mouse deliver a comfortable experience. And the compact design fits easily into your setup. The full-sized keyboard had chiclet keys with special row of multimedia buttons at the top for quick access. Most people got it for its low latency results, which is critical for effective results in mouse or keyboard. Some call it the easy and inexpensive combo, and the ability to use it for long duration makes it extremely appealing for heavy users.

3. Amkette Wi-Key Plus

This keyboard-mouse combo will cost you lower than top brands but there is no compromise in performance because of that. The keyboard and mouse feature a sleek design, making it comfortable for all users. It comes with con-curved keys that offer firmer keystrokes, gets CAPS and NUM lock keys with LED indicator, and also includes multimedia buttons, which can be used to control music playback and other functions. Ad for the wireless mouse, it features adjustable DPI that can be set to level of 1600 so that you can use it for regular as well as gaming needs. Buyers also found both the devices have a smart sleep function, which helps you save battery life when they are lying in idle state. People mention the mouse buttons offer tactile clicks and you will not experience any drop in connectivity, which is important for wireless devices. The matte finish adds extra charm and scores high with people who bought this combo.

4. Logitech MK220

User recommended

Logitech MK220 is a safe choice for all users, purely because it is a no non-sense accessory within budget for most buyers. The compact keyboard design fits all the primary keys, along with the Fn and other functional options. The mouse has an elegant look to it, which compliments its ease of use and comfort. The combo supports 2.4Ghz wireless connectivity, which delivers consistent range within up to 10 meters. You will notice the keys strokes are silent, which may be of liking to some of you. The other good thing about the MK220 is that you can easily carry it for work travel, thanks to its portable design and lightweight body. And yes, even though these are wireless, the keyboard and mouse last for 24 months and 5 months, respectively, which is long enough for most users.

5. Lapcare Smartoo L999

The Smartoo reminds you of the wireless keyboard Apple gives with the iMac. The white and silver colours on the combo adds the premium touch some of us like on our desk. The L999 offers connectivity at 2.4Ghz frequency like most wireless devices in this range. And interestingly, Lapcare has added extra durability to Enter and Shift buttons because they are used a lot. Both the gadgets have auto-sleep function that helps preserve the battery life. Some people have purely bought the L999 because they get it in white colour. While others have liked its general keystrokes, which reminds them of the keyboards in the 80’s. The mouse supports 1200DPI for smooth movement and performance without any lags, ideal for casual gaming at times.

6. HP CS10

HP CS10 brings itself to the fore not only because it meets the criteria of being wireless, but also delivers performance at a low cost. It gives you the comfort of three E’s which is ergonomic design, and energy as well electricity saving. The company has equipped the keyboard with laser engraved fonts. The cursor on the mouse is quick to respond to your actions, and supports up to 1600DPI for different use cases. The plug and play nature means you don’t need software or driver to install it on the system. The switches are durable after going through rigorous testing. Buyers found the keys of the CS10 keyboard to be sturdy and comfortable to write for long duration, which is a big bonus. Everyone call it the value for money accessory for your PC.

7. Lenovo 100

Lenovo 100 is another option for buyers, which is affordable yet effectively good. One of the highlights of this combo is that you get spill resistant keys, which prevents liquid from damaging the keyboard. People say the Lenovo 100 is one of the best looking keyboard-mouse combo in this price range. The mouse is designed in such a way that both right and left hand users can get the best out of it. The key spacing on the keyboard has been well appreciated by users, and also its adequate size that works for most people. The typing and click quality of the combo delivers as per your needs, and nobody has complained about them. Very few match the ability offered by the Lenovo 100 combo, and you are sure to like it.

8. Amkette Primus

Primus from Amkette covers all the basics of a computer accessory. The keyboard has a full sized layout within a compact design. It has three LED indicators and multimedia keys for instant access. You also get an alert when the battery is low, which is really useful. Amkette has used chocolate keys for quieter typing, which is also smooth in response. This made in India product gets its vote for being cheaper than most brands in this range. The Primus caters to casual users with its keystrokes, and the 1000DPI mouse is also reliable for basic usage. The size of the mouse ensures it fits easily into most palms. Just connect the nano receiver kept inside the mouse to your PC and start working.

9. iBall Magical Duo 2

Customer's favourite

iBall is a popular accessory brand and the Magical Duo 2 is our pick for this segment. It is relatively cheaper than most options, and has a special Indian Rupee symbol, which is hard to find on traditional keyboards. The speed of the wireless mouse can change from 800 to 1600DPI based on your usage. The mouse has three buttons which allows scrolling, shift direction and to change the scrolling speed. Buyers have found the mouse to work on most surfaces, and that includes bed. It is highly recommended by some, while others love its sturdy build quality. The connectivity range offers no complaints, and you will barely notice any lag while using the keyboard or mouse.

10. Zebronics Zeb-Companion 500

The Zeb-Companion 500 rounds up our top 10 choices in this category. It features chiclet keys, promise ultra-silent typing experience, and has an on/off switch to let you preserve battery. The classic white finish makes it a good-looking accessory on your desk, but you can get in black. The combo is compatible to work with PC or Mac as well. The keyboard has 119 keys, 12 multimedia keys, and the special Indian Rupee symbol. Most buyers chose the Zeb-Companion 500 because it is affordable and feature-packed. The accuracy of the mouse cursor is another plus point about this combo. The keyboard and mouse work through the same USB nano-receiver, which offers reliable connectivity over a distance of up to 10 meters.