Beware! Hackers using Squid Game to spread malware on your device

Don't fall into these Squid Game traps.

  • Netflix’s new drama series Squid Game is trending over the globe.
  • Hackers are targetting Squid Game fans across to globe with malware attacks.
  • Attackers are circulating files referencing the Squid Game as a decoy for their attacks.

Netflix’s popular Korean drama series, Squid Game, has gained a massive fan following around the world and the craze will likely not stop anytime soon. Since its release, the show has garnered a viewership of over 142 million and minted over $891.1 million in value. Further, Netflix added 4 million new subscribers in Q3 2021, thanks to the sensational show. Now, hackers are trying to cash in on the success of Squid Game. Earlier this week, ESET, a cybersecurity firm, found a Squid Wallpaper 4K HD app on Google Play Store, spreading the ‘Joker’ malware. Now, attackers are sending malicious files containing references to the show to users across the internet, spreading malware.

As per security firm Kasperky, several files disguised under the references to Squid Game are circulating over the internet. The majority of these files are designed to facilitate malware attacks. These files are being distributed from unofficial app stores, malicious websites, email campaigns and more. Attackers are also targetting people over the internet through fake e-commerce websites selling Squid Game costumes.

It’s very common for hackers to hop on the latest trends to exploit users on the internet. Earlier, hackers used No Time to Die as a decoy to spread ransomware. Now, they’re using Squid Game to get the data or extract money from innocent users who fall prey to these traps and end up making mistakes.

Anton V. Ivanov, a security expert at Kaspersky, explains the situation, “Squid Game becoming a new hit lure was just a question of time. As with any other trending topic, cybercriminals have a good hunch about what is going to work and what isn’t.

He continued, “Needless to say, targets end up losing their data, money and having malware installed on their devices. So it’s extremely important for users to check the authenticity of websites when looking for a source to stream the show or buy some merch.

To prevent such attacks, users are advised to cross-check the URL they are visiting and check for HTTPS protection and SSL certificates. Antivirus software might also prevent malware and ransomware attacks on one’s device.