BGMI cheats: How to report cheaters/ hackers in Battlegrounds Mobile India

In this article, take a look at the steps that will help you report hackers and players who are using cheating tools and manipulating the gameplay.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has finally made its way to India after a lot of anticipation. Krafton recently released the official version of the rebranded PUBG Mobile game in the country. Android users can head to Google Play Store to download Battlegrounds Mobile India. The BGMI download for iPhone users hasn’t been released yet, but you can sideload the game on PC with a few workarounds (read our BGMI download guide for PC to know more). Having said that, BGMI developers are very strict against cheating and hacking. The company has a dedicated Q&A section on its support page disclosing details of the actions gamers can take against cheaters or hackers. In this article, we have detailed a list of steps that will help you in reporting hackers and players who are using cheating tools to manipulate the Battlegrounds Mobile India gameplay.

Types of BGMI hackers or cheaters

There are many tools that are used by a hacker to manipulate the gameplay. These tools allow players to shoot through walls and objects to take down enemies. Additionally, hacking tools allow users to automatically take headshots, change body colours, speed-shots, hide footprints, and a lot more. These are unfair ways of playing BGMI and there is a way to report them. In case you encounter such hackers then the given below steps will help you in reporting such players.

How to report hacker via in-game channel

  • In case you’re killed by the cheater, you can head to the report button on the left corner and report him/her directly.
  • If you encounter a cheater in your squad, then you can use the same report button of the Statistics page and Tier Overview page and report the cheater.
  • If you know the cheater’s nickname then you can head to the arrow button on the home page and select the Report section and follow the above-given template to report him/her.

How to report cheaters/ hackers in BGMI

You can also send an email to the customer care email ID with the below-given template:

  • Email title: Report hacker along with the cheater’s nickname & UID.
  • Email content: you need to mention the cheater’s nickname & UID along with a description elaborating the method of cheating. You can also report the cheating tool used by the hacker.
  • Video Link: you need to attach a video file showing the player using cheating tricks.

You can also report the hacker via in-game customer service. All you need to do is to tap on the Report button, select the cheating category and follow the same template.