BGMI Lite (PUBG Mobile Lite) launch, download, features, and everything else we know so far

Krafton is seemingly working on BGMI Lite, which is expected to be similar to BGMI, with better optimization for low-end devices.

BGMI Lite release date, features, download, and more have been doing the rounds of the Internet for quite some time. The game for smartphones with basic specifications is expected to be a rehashed version of PUBG Mobile Lite, which got banned in India last year alongside PUBG Mobile. Krafton seems to be reportedly gearing up for the BGMI Lite (PUBG Mobile Lite) launch in the country. The company recently conducted a poll on Discord to check whether players would be interested in the lighter version of Battleground Mobile India (BGMI), which was launched last year. Here’s everything we know so far:

BGMI Lite release date

There is no official word on whether PUBG Mobile Lite will ever make a comeback as BGMI Lite in the country at the moment. However, content creators are quite confident that it will. The game could be released at some point in the future. Additionally, Krafton wouldn’t mind getting more people playing the BGMI game. The BGMI Lite will target gamers who don’t have a high-end phone to play the regular game. Several people have been complaining that BGMI isn’t playable on their low-end devices.

BGMI Lite download

BGMI Lite download links will be shared by Krafton when the game is launched. If BGMI Lite is in active development right now, we can expect some official information from Krafton in the coming months. The game will be available to download on Android devices soon. Until then, avoid downloading any BGMI Lite aka PUBG Mobile Lite apks from the internet as they are fake and could damage your device beyond repair.

BGMI Lite system requirements

The system requirements of BGMI Lite could be quite similar to PUBG Mobile Lite. BGMI Lite is expected to run on devices with 1GB RAM or above that run on Android 4.1 or higher. Just like PUBG Mobile Lite, BGMI Lite may require 600MB of free storage space.

Will BGMI Lite be a rebranded PUBG Mobile Lite?

BGMI Lite could turn out like rebranded PUBG Mobile Lite, but it may get also get content that is exclusive to Indian players. Several events for the game can be tailored for Indian players, providing a unique experience compared to players in other markets. The game will also be accessible to much more players, enabling Krafton to gather a bigger player base.

BGMI Lite gameplay

The gameplay experience of BGMI Lite is expected to be quite similar to that of PUBG Mobile Lite. The game will try to capture the core gunplay and movement experience from PUBG Mobile Lite, along with BGMI features like green coloured blood, gameplay management system, and audio warning to promote a healthier approach towards gaming. BGMI Lite may also have fewer maps and game modes compared to the standard version of BGMI, and better optimization for low-end Android devices.


The BGMI Lite may also allow players to migrate data and inventory from PUBG Mobile to BGMI Lite. With this, players who had spent money to buy items in PUBG Mobile Lite will get access to the purchased cosmetics in BGMI Lite. Krafton will most likely announce more details about BGMI Lite soon.

BGMI Lite pre-registration

Similar to BGMI, Krafton may soft launch BGMI Lite for players who pre-register for the game. The developer hasn’t revealed the exact schedule of pre-registration yet. When Krafton launches pre-registrations for BGMI Lite, the game’s official page will be available on Google Play Store.