BGMI ban: players unable to buy new Royale Pass after game’s ban in India

BGMI players cannot upgrade to the new Royale Pass as the game has been removed from Google Play Store and App Store.

  • BGMI players are unable to upgrade the new Royale Pass that was launched last weekend.
  • Since the game is unlisted on Google Play Store and App Store, BGMI players cannot purchase UC required to purchase the Royale Pass.
  • Krafton hasn’t given any official statement about the Royale Pass yet.

The Indian government recently banned Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) over concerns regarding data security and privacy. The government claims that the rebranded version of PUBG Mobile doesn’t really have any servers in India, which is seen as a major red flag. As a result, BGMI has been removed from Google Play Store and App Store. Since the game is unlisted from the storefronts, players cannot purchase in-game currency UC to upgrade the Royale Pass. It’s unclear how long this situation will continue with BGMI.

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Although the game has been banned, BGMI’s servers are still active in India and you can continue to play the game. However, if you try to purchase UC to upgrade your Royale Pass, you get an error message saying, “Purchase failed, item not found. Please try later.” According to Sportskeeda, players who already have UC in their BGMI account cannot upgrade their Royale Pass either. This suggests Krafton has blocked Royale Pass purchases in India. Krafton hasn’t really given any statement regarding the BGMI Royale Pass yet. The official social media handles of BGMI have gone silent since the game got banned in India.

BGMI’s brand-new Royale Pass has many cosmetic rewards such as Gilded Flower backpack, Nightfarer set, Royal Aurum set, Gold Feather MK47, Oasis Idol cover, Street Dance emote, and more. Players can unlock these rewards by just playing the game and levelling up Royale Pass tiers. It seems like Krafton discontinued the Royale Pass as players will be unable to buy UC. Players who already have UC required for the Royale Pass cannot buy it either as it would be unfair to players who hadn’t saved up enough UC before the BGMI ban. Krafton has apparently presented its case to the government and it is hoping that BGMI will be relaunched in India soon.