BGMI vs PUBG New State performance comparison: which game taxes your phone more?

If you are wondering which game pushes your smartphone more, read on

PUBG New State (review) is all the rage at the minute and Krafton’s latest battle royale title has already surpassed 10 million downloads on the Google Play store. Part of the game’s charm is undoubtedly its up-to-minute graphics, which per the company, can rival PUBG’s PC versions. That said, despite amassing a ginormous player base within a few days of its launch, a good chunk of mobile gamers are still glued to BGMI. Well, regardless of which game you like better, we’re here to tell you which title will run smoother on your smartphones! So, if you are wondering which game taxes your smartphone more, read on. 

We used Apple’s iPhone 13 for testing this out, and ran both the games on the phone at the highest graphics, setting with the frame rate preset set to 60fps on both titles. Do note that BGMI supports Ultra HD 4K texture pack on the iPhone 13, but upon selecting the same, the game’s FPS gets capped at the ‘Ultra’ preset or 45fps. Consequently, we adhered to the HDR + Extreme presets on BGMI, and Max + Ultra presets on PUBG: New State. 

With the in-game settings out of the way, let’s take a look at how these titles perform on the iPhone 13. Interestingly, PUBG: New State’s menu runs at 60fps whereas BGMI is capped at 30fps. Consequently, gamers tweaking various in-game settings or switching between weapon/model skins will have a slightly jarring experience on BGMI as opposed to PUBG New State. 

Thankfully, both the games run at 60fps once you jump into a BR match. Notably, we experienced a few frame dips in PUBG New State when the player is in the plane, which can be accredited to the newer map layout wherein, all the drop spots are labelled atop the respective deployment areas. Once in the game, we noticed that both, PUBG New State as well as BGMI ran quite well, although we experienced more frame drops on the former. Unsurprisingly, BGMI exhibited a larger number of Janks or stutters per ten minutes too. 

That being said, as can be seen from the screenshots above, BGMI outputted lower average FPS during our stint with the title, so what gives? Well, our gaming experience was undoubtedly smoother on the title, the lower average fps count can be attributed to the fact that the game defaults to 30fps before you jump into a match. Similarly, the average app CPU percentage was also a tad higher when running PUBG New State. While neither of the two titles pushed the iPhone 13’s A15 Bionic to its limits, New State did tax the phone a tad more.

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PUBG New State
Unfortunately, we couldn’t quite test the games on the Android platform as PUBG New State refuses to run with a phone’s USB debugging enabled. Consequently, we couldn’t get our game-testing software to run and extract data for PUBG New State on an Android device. That said, we will be bringing more in-depth performance comparisons for you soon, so stay tuned to our blog. And, while we have you here, vote on the poll below and let us know which game you play more – PUBG New State, or BGMI?