BlackBerry Passport review in pictures

“The BlackBerry Passport is an intriguing marriage of an unconventional form factor, loaded specs and interesting features”

Welcome the BlackBerry Passport (first impressions| FAQs), a unique and innovative device that stands out due to its form factor. It’s not only loaded with top-notch specs, but also boasts some very interesting and useful features. The design is something that you’ll either hate or love, but as a device, it’s hard to ignore. Rocking specs worthy of a true flagship and typical BlackBerry build, it features a touch-enabled physical QWERTY and is meant for road warriors. It does cost a pretty penny, and we’ll find out whether it can justify its premium work-oriented positioning or not. Our full review is in the pipeline as we write this, but before then, here’s a very quick evaluation of its capabilities.

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Photos by Pratik Vyas

Official images courtesy BlackBerry