“As per the results of our blind camera comparison, the Nova 3i is clearly one of the best camera phones in its segment”

Huawei recently launched its quad camera-toting Nova 3i in India. Considering imaging was one of its biggest USPs, we decided to pit the smartphone against the likes of Samsung Galaxy J8, OPPO F7, and the Vivo V9, which are known for their camera prowess around the Rs 20k segment. However, instead of giving you our opinion, we left the jury open to our readers to select the best picture in different scenarios. After more than 30,000 votes, it’s now time to check the results. If you have not seen the pictures, head to the Blind camera comparison poll and come back to see which of the images, and in turn, which smartphone, has made the cut.

Landscape shot

Bing camera comparison results- Landscape shot

This particular shot reveals how well the camera handles dynamic range, colour accuracy, and level of details. With 61 percent of votes in its favour, Huawei’s Nova 3i completely decimated the competition in this round. If you take a look at the shot taken by Nova 3i (embedded below), you can see that the camera was able to reproduce the colour of the sky as well as the lawn below close to perfection. Further, the chairs, buildings and other components in the shot appear to be in sharp focus. The win can be attributed to the AI master feature on the handset, which the brand claims can detect around 22 different scenes and optimise the settings automatically.


Close-up shot

Bing camera comparison results- Close up shot

Next up, the four smartphones were tested for a close-up shot of a plant. This test helps in determining the level of details and focus offered by the camera when the distance between the subject and sensor is reduced. This round went to the OPPO F7 with its 16-megapixel primary camera managed to capture slightly better details (see the image below) and emerged on top with 47 percent votes.

OPPO F7 close up shot

The Nova 3i was a close second with 39 percent share. The handset managed to capture details of the top-most part of the plant quite accurately and blur the background aesthetically.


Portrait shot

Bing camera comparison results- Portrait shot

Portrait shots are all in vogue these days as it allows users to pop the subject in the frame by blurring out the background. This can be achieved by using the secondary shooter as the depth-sensing camera or software-based processing. Thanks to a secondary sensor of 2-megapixel the Nova 3i manages to capture the depth information well. Therefore, it didn’t come as a surprise that the smartphone emerged as the winner of this round with a whopping 63 percent votes. In the image below, you can see that Nova 3i was able to separate the subject from the background as there’s no hint of soft edges anywhere.


Night shot

Bing camera comparison results- Night shot

While clicking pictures post daylight is not recommended with smartphones, most fun moments are usually during such scenarios only. Be it the office party in a club or a date, you often have to make do with grainy and illegible pictures. Thankfully, the situation is changing as phonemakers are equipping their offerings with better sensors that don’t struggle in the night. The Huawei Nova 3i is no different, and makes use of Master AI mode to enhance the shot further. Perhaps that’s why it has managed to win this scenario with 69 percent readers voting the picture taken from the Nova 3i’s camera the best. You can take a look at the shot below to see how the cameras managed to minimise the lens flare from the street light and yet reproduce the colours quite well.


It’s evident that Huawei’s Nova 3i wins this blind camera comparison by a landslide. In case you are looking for a smartphone that looks absolutely stunning and has a great camera, you know which one’s your best bet around Rs 20k.