Samsung Galaxy A71 is widely considered to be among the best premium mid-range smartphones in the market today, with its camera performance garnering applause from all quarters. This smartphone features a class-leading quad camera setup that consists of a 64MP primary sensor, a 12MP ultra-wide-angle lens, a 5MP macro unit, and a 5MP depth-sensing lens to be your favourite photography companion. To test out whether the Samsung Galaxy A71 smartphone is indeed the segment-leader that photography enthusiasts deem it to be, we put it to a blind camera test against two other popular smartphones, OnePlus 7T and Vivo V17 Pro, and let the viewers decide.

At the end of the weeks-long blind camera test, in which votes poured in from all corners of the country, the results are finally in and we have a clear winner. If you’re as excited as us to find out which smartphone came out on top, let’s get straight to the results.

Ultra-wide night shot

Winner: Samsung Galaxy A71

All three smartphones come with ultra-wide-angle cameras, and we’ve chosen to compare their results in this scenario. And, as a twist, we’ve clicked the images at night to also gauge how well these shooters are able to perform in low-light environments. The winning image comes from the Samsung Galaxy A71, and it’s definitely because how well it’s 64MP Quad camera handles the colour balance that catches your eye at first glance. No wonder this shot has received 44 percent of the votes. On closer inspection, you’ll also notice that the winning shot handles highlights better than the other two photos while keeping grain at a minimum, which is one of the foremost requirements for a great night shot.

Macro shot

Winner: Samsung Galaxy A71

We’re looking here at a scenario that best tests the macro cameras onboard the three chosen devices. Once again, the winning shot comes from the Galaxy A71 and its 5MP macro lens, which accounted for 49 percent of the votes. The winning photo gets the sharpness and focus on the strawberry’s surface exactly right, and also achieves optimal blurring of the background. The different approaches the three brands have taken to macro photography result in Galaxy A71 capturing photos that are leaps and bounds ahead of anything the competition has to offer. Whether you want to capture intricate patterns of fabrics or the texture on the leaf of a flower, Samsung Galaxy A71 will be your perfect companion. The colours in the background too are best captured by the Samsung Galaxy A71, making it worthy of its vote share. The least number of votes (21 percent) have gone to the OnePlus 7T, while the Vivo V17 Pro gets second spot with 30 percent of the vote-share.

Portrait shot

Winner: Samsung Galaxy A71

While the Samsung Galaxy A71 and the Vivo V17 Pro have dedicated portrait cameras, the OnePlus 7T delivers portrait effects using a combination of its other snappers. Perhaps that’s why the phone stood no chance against the brilliant portrait effect offered by the Galaxy A71, the winner in this comparison. The separation of the background and foreground, especially near the hair strands, is what makes the winning image look spectacular. It’s, hence, no surprise that Samsung Galaxy A71 has secured 48 percent of all the votes in this category. This photo also offers a natural bokeh look and maintains an even and natural skin tone.

Portrait selfie shot

Winner: Samsung Galaxy A71

The final shot in this comparison judges which of the three smartphones captures the best selfie portrait shots. The Galaxy A71 won here too as it could expertly separate the background and the foreground, while offering a gradual bokeh effect that looks more natural than the other images. You will also notice that the winning shot has impressively kept the face sharper than the other shots. The 40 percent votes that the Galaxy A71 grabbed definitely came its way for these reasons.

So, the Samsung Galaxy A71 has won in all four of the scenarios in this blind camera test! The phone has edged out the Vivo V17 Pro and the OnePlus 7T by considerable margins, which proves who the photography king in the premium mid-range segment is. Whether it’s the portrait shot, selfies, night shots, or ultra-wide-angle pictures, the Galaxy A71 excels at delivering significantly better images than its two main competitors.

Samsung Galaxy A71 is priced at Rs 32,999 in India, with EMI options starting from just Rs 3,667 a month. The smartphone is available to purchase via, Flipkart, Amazon, and other popular online sales platforms. You can also purchase it from your nearby retailer in-store or even get it delivered directly to your home using the Benow platform. So, make the best premium mid-range smartphone yours today and get the perfect camera to capture your world!