Bounce Infinity E1 test rides to start soon in 7 Indian cities: here’s where you can test ride

  • The Bounce Infinity E1 will soon begin test rides across seven Indian cities.
  • Test rides can be booked online and Bounce will provide an option to pay the full amount on the scooter and get a delivery slot just after the test ride.
  • Bounce also plans to introduce new cities onto the list in the coming weeks.

Bounce Infinity E1, India’s first homegrown e-scooter with a swappable battery, is now set for test rides across select cities to give customers a taste of the experience. The Bounce Infinity E1 generated a strong buzz with its quirky styling, worthy performance statistics, and swappable battery technology. Bounce has also promised to expand the test ride camps across the nation in the coming weeks. The company is currently working towards establishing a functioning battery-swapping station network that would boost interest in the technology as well as the Infinity E1 brand. The Bounce Infinity E1 posts a top speed of 65kmph while delivering a range of up to 85km on a full charge. 

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Bounce Infinity E1 test ride to begin soon

Bounce will soon be rolling out samples of the Bounce Infinity E1 commuter scooter for consumers to ride and experience (via ET Auto). The much anticipated electric scooter will finally take to the streets across the following cities – Bangalore, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, and Kochi. Multiple touchpoints inside these cities will help cater to consumer interest and Bounce will be strongly promoting experiencing the Infinity E1.

The Bounce Infinity E1 scooter will be available for test rides in Bangalore begin from February 24th, followed by Delhi NCR on March 4th and Kochi on March 10th. Buyers in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, and Hyderabad will be able to experience the Bounce Infinity E1 electric scooter from March 15th onwards. The bookings for test rides will be done via Bounce’s official website. The company aims to roll out test rides in more cities in the coming weeks. 

Bounce will also be offering an option for prospective customers to pay the full amount for the scooter and get a delivery slot scheduled. Financing options will also be available.