Half of the internet is down, including Reddit, Amazon, Google, and Twitter [Update]

  • Several popular websites and platforms went offline on Tuesday.
  • Reddit, Twitter, Amazon, Google, Quora, Spotify, and several news sites were affected.
  • Fastly was the reason behind the outage and the company is working on a fix.

Update: Fastly said it has identified the problem and is working on a fix. Several websites are coming back online.

A vast chunk of the internet is seemingly down around the world. On Tuesday, several popular platforms such as Reddit, Twitter, Amazon, Google, Quora, Spotify, and more suffered outages. DownDetector is reporting problems at a plethora of platforms, but the cause is yet to be known. Publishers like The Verge have also been affected and have reported on the outage through Google Docs. Many have reported problems accessing these websites, broken characters, and log-in issues.

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It is quite rare to see multiple popular websites and platforms suffer an outage like this together. At the time of writing this story, some websites seem to be back to normal. News sites like CNN, The Guardian, The Financial Times, and The New York Times have also been taken offline, The Verge reports via Google Docs. Such an outage is usually caused due to issues with a central service provider. According to The Verge, the latest outage is due to a company called Fastly, which provides CDN (content delivery network) services to many websites.