Broadband speeds in India reach 34.07Mbps, mobile data averages 11.18Mbps in 2019: Ookla

“According to data shared by Ookla, 4G availability in India increased to 87.9 percent across all operator networks through Q2 and Q3 2019”

Speed test firm Ookla has shared data points regarding the state of internet connectivity in India. The report, which covers both fixed broadband and mobile internet services, offers reasonably positive and consistent data from the Indian telecom market, deduced by surveying approximately 2.4 million users through the period of April to September, 2019. In the report, the key data points include India’s average fixed broadband internet speeds, which reportedly increased by 16.5 percent year on year to reach 34.07Mbps as of September 2019.

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In terms of the fixed broadband connections, cities across India reportedly showed a significant variance in terms of the connection speeds. During the surveyed period, Chennai recorded the fastest average broadband speed of 51.07Mbps, followed by Bengaluru at 42.5Mbps, and Hyderabad at 41.68Mbps. On the other end of the spectrum, Nagpur recorded the slowest average fixed line broadband internet speed of 20.1Mbps, preceded by Pune’s speeds of 22.78Mbps, and Kanpur at 23.2Mbps. The mean average comes mostly from major towns and cities in India, and Ookla also notes that the introduction of Reliance Jio’s GigaFiber broadband plans across India is expected to improve the connectivity speeds significantly, going forward.

In terms of mobile internet connectivity, Ookla notes that the average internet speed across all operators in all surveyed regions of India lies between 10.63Mbps and 11.18Mbps between April and September 2019. The variance in internet speeds across different cities on mobile networks is also far lesser, led by Mumbai at 11.87Mbps. Other metropolitan cities that rank among the higher internet speeds in India include Hyderabad at 11.48Mbps, and Kolkata at 11.46Mbps. At the lowest rank of mobile internet speed, Lucknow registered an average of 8.94Mbps.

In terms of mobile internet connectivity, Ookla’s survey states that 4G availability in India now ranks at 87.9 percent, among all operators in the country. On overall terms, India’s internet connectivity numbers rank towards the top of the pile in the Indian subcontinent, outpacing neighbours Bangladesh and Pakistan in terms of internet speed and 4G availability.