BSNL partners with French firm to offer data connectivity via SMS

“The Seamless Data Connectivity technology will help most of the apps ranging from mobile payments, KYC, transports and logistics to work properly without an Internet connection.”

BSNL has signed a business partnership with Be-Bound, a French mobile network optimisation firm to bring data connectivity through SMS in areas without Internet Connectivity. The deal has been approved by the Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of France, Claire Thuaudet. The partnership is aiming to bring Seamless Data Connectivity (SDC) everywhere to keep mobile apps connected without internet or any congested data connection. Be-Bound has developed a technology that can help in bringing SDC to smartphones.


After signing the pact, BSNL Chairman and MD, Anup Shrivastava said “We were trying to get SMS based data service technology on our own but learnt that Be-Bound has already developed this technology and has been given a patent for it. This technology is very good to support operations of apps when there is no Internet connection.”

The technology will work through SMS-connectivity with supported mobile apps. In the areas where it will not get any data connectivity, it will send a command to the Be-Bound server, and the server will make way for connectivity after getting the command. The app will send an SMS from the user’s account. In case of a congested network (mainly in urban areas) the technology will ensure better throughput by using compression technology. To enable the feature, Android Apps must be integrated with Be-Bound powered SDK. Be-Bound has already started the service in France and African countries as a pilot project.

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