CES 2022: Samsung showcases Flex S, Flex G, Flex Note and Flex Slideable foldable display panels

Here's what Samsung has in store for us.

  • Samsung showcases new foldable tech at CES 2022, namely Flex S, G, Note, and Slideable.
  • Flex S, G, and Slideable are compact form foldable devices.
  • Flex Note could be used in laptops in the future.

CES is going on in its full swing, with some companies announcing new products while some others showcasing what’s coming next. We all know the next big thing in the smartphone industry is foldables. While we have seen some great foldables from brands like MotorolaHuaweiXiaomi, and OPPO, none are as competent as Samsung’s foldable smartphones, and Samsung’s got more in store for us. Samsung showcased four new foldable display technology at the CES 2022, namely Flex S, Flex G, Flex Note, and Flex Slideable. The Flex S, G, and Slideable are meant to be used in smartphones, while the Flex Note could come to your nearest laptop in the future.

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Samsung Flex S and G panels

The Flex S panel is a multi-folding panel that opens up as a tablet and folds in a three-way design. The concept offers a considerably larger estate area than usual foldables in a much compact form. In, Flex S two of the panels are facing outward while folded, making it prone to damage. However, Flex G rectifies this issue with a different approach. The Flex G folds up in such a way so that the displays are hidden.

Samsung Flex Note

No, it’s not a new Galaxy Note, instead, Flex Note is a large folding display that might be used in upcoming laptops. When folded, the Flex Note looks like a laptop, and when unfolded, it gives you a large touch-capable screen estate divided into two halves. You can use the one half as the display while the other half can be used as a keyboard, drawing pad or maybe use it to view the timeline while editing a video. The Flex Note seems very similar to Asus’s ‘Duo’ laptops.

Samsung Flex Slideable

Lastly, Samsung showcased the Flex Slideable, another foldable display that might come as a smartphone in the future. The concept of Flex Slideable is somewhat similar to the OPPO X we saw last year. Like the OPPO X, one display slides out from the side with a single button press and can be used as a sidebar.

We’ve seen multiple patents in the past showcasing these designs, but it’s the first time we are seeing them in action. We don’t know when these foldable displays will be available for the masses, but we know it’s going to be a while before any of this hits the market.

Footage Courtesy: Abhijeet Mishra, SamMobile