Chrome OS 76 released with camera redesign, better Android app sign-in, and more

“Devices running Chrome OS should receive the latest stable update within the next few days”

Google is currently rolling out the Chrome OS 76 stable update for most devices running Chrome OS. The update is available over-the-air and should reach all supported devices within the next few days. One of the main new features of Chrome OS 76 is that it blocks Flash by default in the Chrome browser. Apart from that, Google has added new Media Controls, a feature called Automatic Clicks, and redesigned the camera app. The update also includes several other improvements and changes.

The newly added media controls will make it easier to control media playback on a tab or app. The media controls are available in the Chrome OS notifications menu and show all the apps/tabs that are playing media. A play/pause and forward button are available in this menu, along with the name of the app and the file. Google has also slightly redesigned the camera app on Chrome OS 76. The app now features a reposition shutter button, gallery, and the mode switcher. The other side of the app now features the grid options, timer, and mirror controls.

The new Media controls in Chrome OS notification in Chrome OS 76. Source - 9to5Google.
The new Media controls in Chrome OS notification in Chrome OS 76. Source – 9to5Google.

Another new feature is the Automatic Clicks. According to Google, this is meant for Chromebook users ‘with motor or dexterity challenges‘. With Automatic Clicks, the user can hover on an item and the OS will automatically click after a set amount of time. The feature lets users perform left click, right click, double click, and even click to drag. It works with the touchpad, mouse, joysticks and head tracking. There’s also a new bubble overlay to know what’s open in the tabs. Before, this used to be shown in a black strip. In the Settings app, the navigation drawer is always shown, which allows for easier search and navigation.

The Chrome OS 76 update also includes a new ‘Install’ button for progressive web apps (PWAs). The button is present in the Omnibox and clicking on it shows the Install app button with details and icon for the app. There are plenty of other minor changes and improvements in the new update. Google will also add single sign-on experience for Chrome and Android apps later this month.