CoWIN 4-digit security code: here’s what you need to know about it

People are being marked as vaccinated even if they miss out on the appointment. The 4-digit code is targeted to solve the issue.

  • Union Health Ministry has introduced a 4-digit security code in the CoWIN portal.
  • It is said to minimize errors in COVID-19 vaccination appointments.
  • People were being marked as vaccinated even if they missed their COVID-19 vaccination appointment.

The COVID vaccination registration on CoWIN is open for people aged above 18 years. In order to get vaccinated, you need to book an appointment at a vaccination center through the CoWIN portal. Once you get the COVID-19 vaccination, the information will be uploaded on the CoWIN platform by the hospital staff and the portal will show that you have been vaccinated whenever you log into it. However, people have been facing a rather irritating issue with the vaccination handling system in the country.

In some instances, the CoWIN portal is showing that an individual has been vaccinated even if they miss out on their vaccination appointment. According to various reports, the issue is being caused by the hospital staff as they sometimes mistakenly mark an individual as vaccinated even if they miss their appointment. This, in turn, is creating a lot of confusion for the public as well as the health professionals. Well, to solve this issue, Union Health Ministry has taken a new step.

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CoWIN portal gets a 4-digit security code

The Government of India has introduced a 4-digit security code in the CoWIN portal on 8th May, to minimise data entry errors. So, when you book an appointment for the COVID-19 vaccination in India, you will get a 4-digit code on your mobile as well as on your COVID-19 vaccination appointment slip.

Once you get vaccinated, you need to share the 4-digit secret code with the hospital so that they can mark you vaccinated on the CoWIN platform. So, now there is no chance that the hospital can mark you as vaccinated even if you miss the vaccination appointment. This might be a small step but will avoid confusion for the people as well as the health professionals.

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