The CoWIN Vaccinator app on Google Play Store won’t work for you. Here’s why

Android users have bombarded the CoWIN Vaccinator app with 1-star reviews.

  • The CoWIN Vaccinator app on the Google Play Store is not a fake app but it isn’t meant for the general public either
  • It has been made for healthcare providers to keep a track of people that have received the vaccine
  • Users looking to register themselves for a vaccine jab can do so via the official CoWIN website or the Aarogya Setu app

Now that the COVID-19 vaccine is accessible for everyone over the age of 18, people are lining up in droves to get their jab. As expected, the process is quite daunting, as the registration website buckled under the sheer pressure yesterday. The Aarogya Setup app was no better off, either. Users then began looking for an alternative method to sign up, only to find an official-looking CoWIN Vaccinator app on the Google Play Store. While the app is legitimate, people misunderstood its purpose and inundated it with one-star reviews, stating a multitude of reasons such as the OTP not arriving on time and the inability to register themselves.

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What most users didn’t realise is that the CoWIN Vaccinator app on the Google Play Store is not intended for end-users. It is tailor-made for vaccine administrators like healthcare centres. The app’s description makes it quite clear, but many users didn’t seem to have received the message. Here’s what it says:

This Mobile Application is currently meant for CoWIN Facility level users to perform following tasks as Vaccinator , Supervisors and Surveyors.

1) Beneficiary Registration: Based on identified priority group by Government of India, Beneficiary can be registered on the Application.

2) Beneficiary Verification: Beneficiary’s relevant details can be captured in encrypted form which can be utilised to ensure that vaccine is administered to relevant Beneficiary. This is applicable at the time of registration as well as vaccination.

3) Aadhaar Authentication: To ensure de-duplication , Beneficiary’s Aadhaar authentication can be done from the application in the form of OTP and Demographic Authentication. This is applicable at the time of registration or at the time of validation.

4) Vaccination Status: Based on dose schedule, vaccination status of Beneficiary can be updated from not vaccinated to partially vaccinated and partially vaccinated to vaccination completion.

5) Reporting of Adverse Event following Immunization

However, this hasn’t stopped users from venting their frustration at the app, which sits at a 1.6-star rating overall. Even the screenshots on the app make it quite clear that it is intended for healthcare providers. In the meanwhile, if you’re looking to get yourself registered for the vaccine, go here to find out how to go about it