Death Stranding free on Epic Games Store today

Epic Games Store is giving away Death Stranding for free, which be available for a limited time.

  • Epic Games Store is giving away Death Stranding for free as part of its annual Christmas giveaway.
  • Death Stranding will be available to claim for free until tonight.
  • Epic Games Store will list another game for free after Death Stranding.

Epic Games Store is currently running its annual Christmas games giveaway. As part of the giveaway, the store offers a free game every day. Last night, Death Stranding was listed as the latest free game in the Christmas giveaway. Death Stranding will be free to keep for a few hours, and will be replaced tonight with another game. Epic Games Store is known for giving away great PC games for free every year. It isn’t surprising to see a massive game like Death Stranding being available for free as Epic Games Store had previously given away GTA 5.

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Initially, Epic Games Store had apparently listed Death Stranding Director’s Cut for free. However, that may have been a glitch as the game was later changed to the base version of Death Stranding. For quite some time, Epic Games Store servers were facing issues as many PC players across the globe were probably trying to claim the free game, similar to what had happened during the GTA 5 giveaway. That being said, Death Stranding will be available for free on Epic Games Store until 9:30 PM today. So, it’s best to claim the free game while you can. A new game will be listed for free after 9:30 PM, which will also be available for 24 hours.

Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding offers a genre-defying experience with the brand-new Social Strand System, which is a major part of the gameplay. You play as Sam Bridges in a world taken over by the Death Stranding. You need pick up and carry disconnected remnants of the human future and embark on a journey to reconnect the shattered world. The game has an all-star cast featuring Norman Reedus, Léa Seydoux, Mads Mikkelsen, Lindsay Wagner, and many others. The Epic Games Store Christmas giveaway is expected to have two more games. According to rumours, Assassin’s Creed Origins could be the next or last game in the giveaway.