This app steals your Facebook data and you should delete it immediately

A newly-discovered malware app can steal your Facebook username and password in order to gain access to sensitive information like photos, videos, and credit card details.

  • Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools is reportedly performing malicious tasks with users’ Facebook credentials
  • The app asks you for your Facebook credentials but redirects to some unknown Russian servers where it gains access to private and confidential information
  • Google has removed the app from the Play Store but the app might still be present on thousands of smartphones

Third-party mobile apps are a great convenience for varied tasks like photo editing, banking apps, social media apps, and much more. However, there are instances where third-party apps can be malicious in nature. There were many cases in the past where certain apps have misused system permissions and gained access to a user’s private data, such as photos, videos, and login credentials. One such app that has come into the limelight now is the Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools. There are reports that the app is stealing users’ Facebook credentials.

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A report suggests Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools is a Trojan in the form of FaceStealer and this could lead to users being scammed. The app asks users for their Facebook login and password but then redirects to some unknown Russian servers where it gains access to private and confidential information like credit card information, messages, searches, etc. While Google has removed the apps, there could still be thousands of users who might be still using it and are getting their data exposed. We suggest you remove the app immediately if you still have it installed and change your Facebook credentials.


According to Google, the app has been installed more than 100,000 times, which is a clear indication that there might be many users still using it. The best way to protect yourself from getting your data exposed is to enable Google Play Protect by heading to Google Play Store, then Profile > Play Protect settings, and then enabling ‘Scan apps with Play Protect’. Always make sure to install an app from a trusted developer.