Delhi AQI touches 999: Four ways to protect yourself from effects of air pollution

With Diwali around the corner, no relief from the air pollution is expected in the coming days.

  • Delhi’s AQI is at dangerous levels, and things are expected to get worse around Diwali 
  • It’s likely to go down after the festive season and with a drop in temperature
  • Air purifiers and N95 masks can be used to counter the effects of the poor Delhi AQI

Other than COVID-19, Delhiites now have another reason to fear the air around them – the steadily worsening Delhi AQI. After recording higher air pollution levels in October compared to last year, Delhi is not off to a great start in November. The air quality index (AQI) of the city and the adjoining NCR region touched 999 – meaning Severe on the air pollution scale – on Wednesday. What’s even more concerning, the festive season is upon us and the weather department has warned people of Delhi that there will be no relief from the air pollution in the coming days. While the state authorities are at work, there are a few measures that you can take to protect yourself from the poor Delhi AQI, which can cause coughing, throat irritation, and even spread viral infections. The condition is worse for people suffering from asthma and cardiovascular issues.

4 ways to battle the poor Delhi AQI

With Delhi AQI hitting a new peak, it’s time to take all measures necessary to protect yourself from the effects of air pollution. For starters, do not burn crackers this Diwali — in fact, the AAP-led Delhi government has banned the bursting of crackers this year.

And until there’s a permanent solution to Delhi’s bad air quality, these steps are absolutely a must:

Air Purifier

You probably don’t need an introduction to this term – you may have heard it somewhere on TV, print, radio, or online. An air purifier is among the best devices you can have in your home or office right now. The device purifies the air and removes as many pollutants, including the ultra-fine PM2.5 particles, from the air as possible so that you breathe nothing but clean air. With the mass production from Xiaomi, Dyson, Philips, and Havells, among others, you can now purchase the best air purifier under Rs 10,000 as well. Follow this link to know what to keep in mind when buying the best air purifier.

N95 and N99 masks

In the COVID-19 times, masks have become mandatory, but not every mask is designed to keep the air pollutants out. For that, you need N95 or N99 masks. These masks can filter out up to 95 percent dust and pollutants from the air. There are several N95 masks to choose from, including Xiaomi’s Mi AirPOP anti-pollution mask that’s priced in India at Rs 249. Just like the regular masks, most N95 masks can also be washed and reused for a certain period of time.

Air purifying plants

What’s the better way than purifying the air naturally? Plants such as Aloe Vera, Ivy, and Spider are great antidotes to air pollutants. You can place them in your home or offices to purify the indoor air and minimise pollution. The plants also brighten up the place.


The concentration of air pollutants is at its lowest in areas with good ventilation as long as there is a breeze and no air purifier. It’s advised that people should keep their rooms’ doors and windows open and allow the air to circulate and not let the pollutants to settle down.

Apart from this, people can drink herbal tea, not go jogging in the morning, eat jaggery, and fruits rich in Vitamin C, magnesium, and omega fatty acids, among other things to beat the ill effects of pollution by keeping their immunity up.