Delhi Man Duped of Rs 29 Lakhs in Instagram iPhone Scam

Scammers posed as legitimate iPhone sellers on Instagram, duping a man from Delhi of Rs 29 lakhs.

  • Delhi man scammed of Rs 29 lakhs on Instagram.
  • The case involves an Instagram page selling iPhones at discounted prices.
  • The team demanded additional funds from the man claiming these were required for the clearance of customs holdings and other taxes

A group of unidentified individuals allegedly scammed a man from Delhi out of Rs 29 lakhs under the pretence that they were selling cheap iPhones on Instagram, according to the police. On the basis of a complaint made by the victim, a case of fraud against unnamed individuals has been filed. We would like to advise our readers here that while purchasing smartphones or other gadgets, you should always ensure the authenticity of the seller before making any sort of payment. If you can choose the option for cash on delivery, even better.

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Cheap iPhone scam on Instagram

According to officials, the complainant, who has been identified as Vikas Katiyar, lives in Delhi’s Ghitorni neighbourhood. The complainant Katiyar informed the police that a few days prior, he visited an Instagram page where he discovered iPhones being sold at steep discounts and was enticed to make a purchase.

The complainant stated, “After checking the page and to make sure that the page is genuine, he also contacted the old buyers from one other Instagram page and they confirmed that the page is genuine, they have received the phones without any issue, and he can buy from there. Later on February 6, 2023, Katiyar made a call to a particular mobile number in order to purchase an iPhone. “.

According to Katiyar, this group of individuals demanded payment in advance of 30 percent of the phone’s price, or Rs. 28,000. After that, their team got in touch with him via various mobile numbers and demanded additional funds for the clearance of customs holdings and other taxes.

According to the victim’s complaint, he transferred a total of Rs 28,69,850 over a number of different accounts, believing that everything would be resolved and that he would receive the said iPhones.

Vikas also claimed that they are still seeking payment in order to resolve his dispute and send the phone along with the refund. The matter is currently the subject of additional investigation and the Delhi Police has filed an FIR in the South West District’s Cyber Police station.