[Update] You’ll be shocked to know why Disney+ Hotstar was down during India vs Australia match!

Disney+ Hotstar abruptly stopped working during the India-Australia Test.

  • Disney+ Hotstar users complain the app is not working on desktop, TV or mobile
  • Disney+ Hotstar’s domain reportedly expired, causing the outage
  • India vs Australia 2nd Test is being streamed on Disney+ Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstar suffered an outage during the ongoing India vs Australia second Test on Friday. As of noon, there were about 300 complaints of the app not working on the Downdetector website. Disney+ Hotstar is yet to confirm the reason behind the outage, but unverified reports on the internet showed that Disney+ Hotstar’s domain had expired, which they renewed today itself, presumably in a state of emergency.

While Disney+ Hotstar is yet to formally comment on the issue or confirm/deny it, multiple reports on Twitter indicated the problem was indeed related to the domain expiry. This means the issue would’ve affected users in the Middle East and North Africa regions as well.

By late afternoon, services were beginning to get restored in India intermittently. However, some users posted on Twitter that they were only able to stream the India-Australia Test match and not any other content on the platform. Incidentally, The Night Manager Hindi also released on Hotstar today.

Disney+ hotstar down