How to download any image and convert it into a transparent PNG file

So, you’ve stumbled on this blog in hopes of finding a concrete solution to download embedded images from a website. Try as you might, right-clicking on the picture of your liking and saving it is not downloading the image in the required format. Or maybe you already have an image at your disposal but lack the technical know-how to remove the subject of the photo from the background. Well, fret not, as this article will detail how you can download pretty much any image from the internet and highlight tools that can be used to remove the background as well. Let’s go.

Seeing how I curate content around tech, I thought it best to use examples which fit my use case. That said, these techniques apply to most, if not all, websites and don’t require any specialised hardware (save the Windows vs Mac debate for another forum). Furthermore, you won’t have to download any third-party software on your work machine either. With that out of the way, let’s talk about how you can download an image from a website.

How to download an embedded image from a website

First things first, go to the web address of your liking. I’ll be demonstrating the same on the Apple India website as I need to download a couple of creatives for the iPhone 12 mini (review). Once there, try right-clicking on an image you’d like to download. Chances are, you might not be able to save the picture as a JPEG or a PNG and instead, will be prompted to save the photo as a web link. To mitigate that, follow these steps:

1. Right-click anywhere on the webpage on Chrome (Windows users can use CTRL+Shift+I too).

2. Select Inspect from the prompt that follows.

3. Once done, your webpage would split in two, with one half of the screen being dominated by a rather long HTML code. Above that, you’ll find various toggles, including the likes of Elements, Console, and Sources. Hover your mouse over to the Network tab and select it.

4. From here, you’ll want to hit the ‘Img’ tab as it will filter out all the images on the page. Once done, tap reload — this will aggregate all the images on the page in a separate column. Do note that more entries will be added to the column as you navigate your way around the website.

5. Once the page has loaded in full, you should be able to right-click on any image in the newly-formed column, open them in a new tab, and save the file for further use.

On the off chance that the images in the column are opening in a. webp format, fear not. Simply copy the image’s link address and make your way to Ezgif. From there, go to the WebP tab, select WebP to JPG/PNG from the prompt that follows and paste the link address in the dialogue box. Once the image has been uploaded and processed, you should be able to download it in PNG or JPG format.

How to remove background from any image/ Convert any image to a transparent PNG

A lot of users struggle with finding the right tool to separate the subject in an image from the background. While you could default to apps like Photoshop to create a clean cutout around the subject and remove the background layer, there are a handful of web-based utilities that will help you achieve the same with the click of a button. One of the most popular portals to do so is Removebg, which as its moniker suggests, automatically removes the background and outputs a transparent PNG image. Here’s how you can get around this.

1. On, you will get an option to upload any image. For demonstration purposes, I will be using the OnePlus 8 Pro image from earlier.

2 – Once done, the website will automatically remove the background. You can further finetune the output by adding a Blur effect or choosing a different coloured backdrop for the image.

The only downside of using and other web-based tools is that the free downloads are capped at 665 x 375 pixels. That said, the cutout is quite clean and the website can create a transparent PNG in a matter of seconds.

And with that, our explainer on how to download images from any website and convert images to transparent PNGs comes to an end. For more coverage on everything tech, stay tuned to