Ericsson brings a Range of New Products at MWC 2013

During the Mobile World Congress Show in 2013, in Barcelona on February 25-28, Ericsson introduced a range of new products, services and solutions to create a comfortable atmosphere for customers in the area of network evolution, process transformation, innovation and  generate growth opportunities. During the annual press conference at Mobile World Congress, President and CEO Hans Vestberg states, ‘’Our goal has been to lead the industry through technology and business transformations. Our journey has progressed to great heights from fixed to mobile and services and now to process transformation across industries.’’ sony_ericsson There has been a collaboration with enterprise software powerhouse SAP, the two firms will function towards marketing and selling cloud-based machine-to-machine (M2M) products and services to enterprises through global operators. These solutions will be based on combined software-as-a-service (SaaS) from Ericsson and SAP within M2M. The tech industry has witnessed continuous inventions and discoveries with the increase in consumer demands. Vestberg chalked out main strategies for 2013 that could create new thinking and developments with data communications through OSS and BSS systems. The foundation is a medium to cater to consumers demands for improved network quality and performance. Vestberg  predicted that ‘’by the end of 2013, over 50% of phone shipments will fall into the smartphone category to create affordable models.’’ This prediction is due to the increase usage and introduction of apps and data on multiple devices. The tech industry has transformed the communication era to a new level with newer apps and social networking sites that have created  numerous shortcuts for communication to create flexible business solutions. Vestberg visualises a brighter future  in the tech world with newer models such as tiered, shared and bundled including a new avenue into the digital world. At the Mobile World Congress Show 2013 in Barcelona, Ericsson displayed its combined technology and services leadership for the Information and Communications Technology industry. Ericsson showcased superior network performance to deliver flexible customer experience management, simplify tasks and operations to create operational excellence.