EV sales in India grew 240 percent YoY in December 2021, Uttar Pradesh leads the charge: report

Over 10,000 EVs were registered in Uttar Pradesh in December 2021.

  • EV sales in December 2021 increased 240 percent compared to December 2020.
  • A total of 50,866 electric vehicles were registered in India in December 2021.
  • Electric two-wheelers and three-wheeler passenger EVs accounted for 90.3 percent of registrations in December 2021.
  • UP, Maharashtra, and Karnataka were the top 3 states by EV registrations last month.

We all know that the EV segment in India is picking up the pace. With rising prices of petrol and diesel and new EVs coming at relatively affordable prices, the number of people buying an EV is now at an all-time high. As per a recent report from JMK Research, the electric vehicle segment in India registered a 240 percent year-on-year growth in December 2021 in terms of sales. Meanwhile, the EV segment recorded a 21 percent growth over the preceding month.

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PeriodEVs registered in India
December 202150,866
November 202142,055
December 202014,978

The JMK report suggests that 50,866 electric vehicles were purchased and registered in India during the month of December 2021. In comparison, 42,055 electric vehicles were registered in November 2021, while in December 2020, 14,978 electric vehicles were registered across the country.

According to the report, the two-wheeler EVs and three-wheeler passenger EVs were the main driving force behind India’s EV adoption surge. Together, two-wheeler electric vehicles and three-wheeler passenger electric vehicles accounted for 90.3 percent of EV registrations in the country during December 2021. In this, electric two-wheelers contributed 48.6 percent while three-wheeler electric vehicles had a share of 41.7 percent. Meanwhile, electric cars and three-wheeler electric cargo vehicles had a 5 percent and 4.3 percent share, respectively.

In December 2021, 24,725 units of electric two-wheelers were sold in India, recording a 10 percent month-on-month growth and a year-on-year increment of 444 percent. Meanwhile, 23,373 units of three-wheeler electric vehicles, including passenger and cargo-type, were registered in India last month. As far as electric cars are concerned, a total of 2,522 units were sold in December 2021, with Tata Motors taking the lead.

Top states in India by EV sales

  • Uttar Pradesh – 23 percent
  • Maharashtra – 13 percent
  • Karnataka – 9 percent
  • Rajasthan – 8 percent
  • Delhi – 7 percent
  • Tamil Nadu – 7 percent

Uttar Pradesh led the charts in the adoption of EVs, with 23 percent of registrations done last month accounting for more than 10,000 units of EVs sold in India. Maharashtra accounted for 13 percent, followed by Karnataka with 9 percent of EV sales in India. Meanwhile, Rajasthan had contributed 8 percent, while both Delhi and Tamil Nadu accounted for 7 percent of EV sales each.