[Exclusive] First official render shows Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 in profile

We’re likely only days away from Samsung revealing the details about its August Unpacked event, and thus an even steadier pace of leaked imagery and details leading up to the event itself — not that we’ve been starved for material thus far, however. A bit earlier this month, we already got very good looks at both the Galaxy Watch5 (in standard and Pro flavors) as well as the Galaxy Buds2 Pro true wireless earbuds.

Now we’re starting to get into the real stars of the show, the two foldable handsets expected to debut next month. Thanks to unofficial, CAD-derived renders, we already know that both the Galaxy Z Fold4 and Z Flip4 aren’t expected to see major design changes from their predecessors. And now, with the first official imagery of one of those phones — the Bora Purple-colored Flip4 — it’s clear that the differences most certainly are in the details.

At first glance, this newer model could almost pass for the lavender Z Flip3, but a closer looks reveals some subtle changes (see comparison above). Besides the bolder colorway (and darker antenna grooves), the buttons look slightly larger, as well as more pronounced and “clickier.” Also more pronounced are the protruding camera lenses, rumored to offer a more premium imaging experience than with past models. The body itself also looks to be a bit less tapered towards the ends, perhaps to accommodate the larger battery that’s also rumored to be onboard.

Finally, the hinge here seems to be a bit narrower and situated closer to the screen, though that could well be an optical illusion: previous, allegedly live shots of the Z Flip4 from several angles appeared to depict a hinge that’s mostly unchanged, year-over-year.

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