[EXCLUSIVE] Oppo Reno 7 A: first images

While rapidly expanding Chinese manufacturer Oppo may be in the midst of its Reno 8 Series rollout, don’t consign the 7 Series to the history books just yet. Just as the company rebranded the Reno 7 Lite for sale in Europe as the Reno 8 Lite, the company is poised to make news with yet another — completely new — handset from the quote-unquote previous Reno generation: the Reno 7 A.

While this model has been rumored for some time, very little was known about it – and the spaces that were making the rounds, it’s now clear, are at least partially inaccurate. For instance, some spec sheets tip the 7 A to sport a quad camera rear array, when newly published, official imagery of the device depict its module as a three-camera setup.

Therefore, details are still somewhat scarce at this point, and it doesn’t help that Oppo has not released an A-branded member of the Reno family since…the original Reno A. But it’s probably a fairly safe bet that this handset will slot in near the bottom of the 7 Series lineup, judging from some of its styling cues.

Look for a Reno 7 A release before the end of the month.

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