FAUG goes global, now available for download outside India

  • FAUG is now available for download internationally. 
  • The game was available only in India since its January 26th release. 
  • It’s still limited to Google Play Store though, with no iOS release in sight 

FAUG, the PUBG Mobile alternative by Bangalore-based nCore Games, has gone global! The game was exclusive to the Indian subcontinent from its January 26th release until now. However, FAUG is still restricted to the Google Play Store for the moment — its developers have been tight-lipped about the FAUG for iPhone release, indicating that it could be a while before we see it. Thanks to the hype generated around it, FAUG managed to rack over five million downloads on the Google Play Store. However, its initial 4.1-star rating now sits at 3.4 due to its rushed launch and sub-par gameplay. 

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It is unlikely that FAUG will make much of a splash outside of India. The game wouldn’t even have existed had PUBG Mobile not been banned in India. The lynchpin of its entire marketing strategy has been centred around how it is a locally-made alternative to PUBG Mobile. However, a cursory glance at the game tells us that it is nowhere close to any modern-day FPS title, let alone one as polished as PUBG Mobile. Lastly, the hand-to-hand combat it does offer is riddled with bugs, including one that lets you avoid confrontation altogether by simply running away from enemies. 

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Our initial impressions of FAUG found that the game launched with just the single-player campaign mode, which can be beaten in five hours tops. Although its lack of guns is somewhat justified in the game’s lore, mobile games are not required to emulate real-world concepts. Furthermore, it lacks a multiplayer aspect, which is expected to arrive later alongside other game modes such as 5v5 deathmatch. There is a Battle Pass for FAUG in the works too.