FAU-G launch date, game download APK, gameplay, and more: everything you should know

Here's everything you need to know about FAU-G, whose launch in India is just around the corner.

  • The FAU-G India launch is scheduled for January 26th
  • Once the game is released, you’ll be able to download the FAU-G game APK from the official website and Google Play Store
  • FAU-G is based on the Galwan Valley conflict and will have very different gameplay from PUBG

The FAU-G launch date in India is just around the corner. The highly-anticipated game from Bangalore-based company nCore Games is all set to take on the online multiplayer game by storm. FAUG aka Fearless And United Guards is mobile game that is based on the Galwan Valley face-off, which is considered the deadliest clash between China and India in the past four decades. FAU-G gameplay is said to include linear missions and episodes that will progress through the story initially. FAU-G game download APK hasn’t been released yet, but the pre-registration of the game, which has garnered over four million users so far, is already live in the country for over a month now. Will FAU-G be available to iPhone users upon launch? How to download the FAUG game, where to look for download links, and when it is launching in India? Here’s everything you need to know:

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FAUG launch date in India

The FAUG launch in India on January 26th, which is the 72nd Republic Day of the country. Bengaluru-based publisher nCore Games was initially supposed to launch the game last year in November, but that didn’t happen due to some unknown reasons. Now, that the game is all set to release, users will be able to download it on their devices and play. You can also pre-register for the game.

FAUG game download link/ APK

Following the FAUG launch in India, the game will be available for download via Google Play Store and the official website. The official site will offer FAUG game download APK for Android that would require a manual installation. However, the game is design for mid-range and premium smartphones — budget phones will not have the resources needed to run the game. The company has said a Lite version of the game for low-end devices can be developed if it sees demand for the same.

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FAUG for iPhone users

As of now, there is no update regarding whether FAUG will be available for iPhone users upon launch. It could be possible that the game would be made available for Android users at first and later make its way to iOS-powered devices such as iPhones and iPads.

FAUG gameplay

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FAU-G gameplay will not be the same as that of PUBG. It’ll not feature Battle Royale gameplay modes, at least at the time of the launch, where users are put together randomly in the gameplay area to pit against each other for survival. FAUG will instead focus on close combat skills and melee action with linear missions and episodes that will progress through the story. The first episode of the FAUG game series is said to be based on India’s armed conflict against China at the Galwan Valley border initially. This was shown in the teasers that the company has released so far.

Is FAUG a PUBG alternative? 

While FAUG’s theme seems to be in line with PUBG, the game will be pretty different from the world’s most popular mobile game. As per updates from the developers, FAU-G is an action game, whereas PUBG comes with a battle royale gameplay. FAUG’s developers have also added that the game is not the competitor to PUBG Mobile.