Has FAU-G game release been delayed? Here’s what we know

FAU-G release date in India was tipped to be November 26th but the game is nowhere in sight, suggesting the launch has been delayed.

  • FAU-G game release was tipped for November 26th
  • The game doesn’t have an official launch date yet
  • FAU-G was previously expected to release in November

FAU-G release in India has been a highly-anticipated for more reasons than one. The announcement of the game came soon after the ban on PUBG Mobile, which gave rise to the hope that it could fill the gap left by the latter. However, the game’s developers have since clarified that it is not a PUBG clone, but rather a third-person brawler. Bengaluru-based publisher nCore Games had previously revealed that the FAU-G launch in India would happen in November. Meanwhile, popular YouTuber Technical Guruji claimed the FAU-G release date is November 26th. As we approach the end of the month, the game is yet to launch, which begs the question of whether its release has been delayed.

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FAU-G release date is still unclear

Last month, nCore Games tweeted that FAU-G would launch in India in November. The developers even released a teaser trailer to show off the game’s graphics and gameplay, suggesting an imminent launch. Recently, YouTuber Technical Guruji revealed that the game would release on Thursday, November 26th, but this did not happen. With just a few days to go before the end of the month, there is no word on the launch of FAU-G. It is possible that the game is not ready for release just yet.

There is also the off-chance that the developers are waiting for the re-launch of PUBG Mobile India before it releases FAU-G. While the two games will be different in terms of gameplay, nCore Games might be playing it cautiously in its release so that its game doesn’t get overshadowed by the PUBG Mobile India launch.

FAU-G launch in India: what do we know about the game?

FAU-G, short for Fearless and United Guards, is said to be a third-person brawler game and not a battle royale game like PUBG Mobile, at least not at launch. Vishal Gondal, Founder and Chairman at nCore Games revealed that the action game will not have guns in order to offer a realistic gaming experience. The game will have a level on the Galwan Valley, which will offer a single-player as well as a cooperative multiplayer option. The developers plan to add a battle royale mode in the future. This is all we know about the FAU-G game right now. We hope to hear something more from the developers in the days to come as the release draws closer.