FAU:G is not a PUBG clone; will not have battle royale mode at launch: report

FAU:G will not have a battle royale mode at launch, but it will get the mode eventually

  • FAU:G game will not have a battle royale mode like PUBG Mobile at launch
  • The battle royale mode will be made available through an update later
  • FAU:G is not a PUBG Mobile clone, the company clarifies

FAU:G (Fearless And United: Guards) is the latest made-in India mobile action game that was announced last week. The game comes from Bangalore-based publisher nCore Games. FAU:G is reportedly releasing in October-end and there have been rumours and speculations that the game will have a battle royale mode similar to PUBG Mobile. After all, the game was announced soon after the ban on PUBG Mobile. The names also sound similar. However, Vishal Gondal, Founder and Chairman at Ncore Games, told The Mako Reactor in an interview that FAU:G will not have a battle royale mode at launch and is not a PUBG clone.

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When asked whether FAU-G is a third-person action title or will it have battle royale mode, Godal, said, “So, the simple answer is that the game will have both modes.” Meaning, the battle royale mode will not be available at launch but will be added later through an update. “Much like other games, we will first launch and update, we will see the feedback, we will see how the monetisation is working, how the customers are reacting. Live ops is not about launching and deciding to launch all the 500 features on one day. There will be something launched on day one. If you ask me, what will the game be like in six to 12 months after launch? It will certainly be both modes,” Vishal told The Mako Reactor.

At launch, FAU:G will have the Galwan Valley level, which will offer single-player as well as a cooperative multiplayer option. Vishal says the concept of the game is really about “users experiencing what happened in Galwan Valley.” Furthermore, he also clarified that FAU:G will not be a clone to PUBG Mobile as it focusses on the Galwan Valley issue and the experiences behind it. “PUBG is not the reference to build anything,” added Gondal.

Sticking true to the bilateral agreement between India and China in 1996 that don’t allow guns in combat in that region, FAU:G will launch as a third-person brawler. “We want to be true to the subject so that is what we are trying. To start with we’re going with third-person because with that we can give a really immersive experience, first-person doesn’t really work with brawler gameplay,” said Ganesh Hande. FAU:G’s core gameplay is all about how you experience the brawler mechanics with melee weapons. Users also get to explore through guided maps where they will be facing enemy camps and go through them with skills and melee weapons. You can read the full interview Gondal here.