Clubhouse has a rival in Fireside, a Made in India app by the makers of Chingari

Fireside is a new audio-only social media app available on both iOS and Android that's similar to Clubhouse.

  • Fireside is an audio-only social media platform similar to the popular Clubhouse app on iOS.
  • Fireside available for download on both iOS and Android.
  • The app allows users to create audio-only conversations in virtual rooms based on their interests.

Fireside is a new made-in-India app by the founders of TikTok-rival Chingari, which enables its users to join virtual chat rooms and have conversations in an audio-only format. It is essentially an audio-only social media platform that’s catered for the Indian audience. The app is available as a free download on both iOS and Android platforms. It is a direct response to the Clubhouse app, another audio-only social media platform that has seen massive growth in recent times. 

Fireside app

According to CEO and Co-Founder Sumit Gosh, Fireside will cater to Indians with groups and virtual chat rooms that are designed to meet local needs. Users can do all their regular chores such as playing games, working out, create art, and more while being sure that their voice is heard. The app has a common virtual room that has shared interests and topics that can be used to have discussions and conversations.

The founder’s vision for Fireside is to enable every Indian’s voice to be heard. Aditya Kothari, the Co-Founder stated the following:

“To mirror the diversity of the country like ours, there needs to be an egalitarian social platform that is inclusive of folks who can barely read and write. With fireside, even those who are minimally literate, can open their ideas up for the world to hear.”

You will be able to find groups on the platform where you can talk about sports, discuss things, have a debate, listen to educational talks, quiz, get reviews, and more. The app has both open and closed chat rooms, and the latter requires approval by a moderator. It’s similar to an online forum, but you can only use voice to chat. The platform is an outlet for anyone who wants to speak and be heard. It also gets a virtual space for Covid related SOS requests, where users can ask questions and post their requests. The app is available in both Hindi and English languages.