Flipkart Sell Back Programme launched in India, allows you to sell your old phone with ease

Flipkart has announced a new Sell Back programme that takes in your old smartphone on the platform. Here's how it works.

  • The Flipkart Sell Back programme is available for 1,700 Pin codes across India
  • Only available for smartphones for now.
  • Can be accessed within the Flipkart app.

The Indian e-commerce giant, Flipkart, has announced a new Sell Back programme that takes in used smartphones on the platform. As per the brand, the Sell Back programme is already live in major Indian cities. This news comes after Flipkart’s recent acquisition of electronics re-commerce brand Yaantra. The new programme will run parallel to the Smart Buyback programme that Flipkart currently offers and can be bought on the platform at the time of a new smartphone purchase. There is still no update on what kind of value the customers will get for their old smartphones, but customers can get an idea of it by going through the same services like Cashify before going with the Flipkart Sell Back service.

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The used smartphone market is quite big in India, especially in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. For ease of use, Flipkart has integrated the Sell Back programme within the Flipkart app, and users will notice a new option on the app’s bottom bar. Flipkart already has a refurbished marketplace within the Flipkart app by the name of 2Gud. As per the brand, the Sell Back programme will initially accept only smartphones and will open the platform up for more gadgets by the end of this year.

The programme is rolling out to 1,700 pin codes across India. Under this programme, Flipkart will accept smartphones bought through Flipkart, other e-commerce platforms, and even offline markets. The brand has kept the process fairly straightforward and users will be issued an e-voucher from the e-commerce platform against their smartphone.

How does Flipkart Sell Back work?

Customers will be shown a value for their smartphone, based on the answers to three simple questions. Once confirmed, Flipkart says its executives will pick up the smartphone within 48 hours. After the platform has verified the product, an e-voucher will be issued to the customer in return for the smartphone.

Yaantra’s acquisition comes at a time when Flipkart is working to grow in multiple verticals, including the grocery delivery segment and medicine soon. After Yaantra’s absorption into Flipkart, the next biggest player in the refurbished consumer tech market is Cashify, which also buys consumer electronics and sells refurbished goods.

As of writing this post, we did not see the Sell Back section in the Flipkart app and will update the post as and when the option becomes available to us.