Flipkart free video streaming service launched in India

“The Flipkart video streaming service is currently offering content from players like Arre, Dice Media, TVF and Voot in Hindi, Tamil, and Kannada languages”

Flipkart has quietly introduced its video streaming service in India. The Walmart-backed e-commerce platform will now be offering entertainment content, which includes movies, TV shows, and web series, as well to its customers. This will help Flipkart compete against Amazon that already has Prime Video – a streaming platform for Prime members – in the country. However, unlike Amazon, Flipkart’s video platform does not require a subscription and comes without ads. It’s housed in a dedicated section to the Flipkart application and provides content from players, such as Arre, Dice Media, TVF and Voot. Flipkart has started rolling out its video service through the latest update of its app. Notably, it’s currently limited to Android phone users and does not work on iPhones as well as desktops.

Flipkart video streaming service launched.
Flipkart video streaming service launched.

The video streaming service is available with the latest version (v6.17) of the Flipkart Android app, hence, an update may be required. Once that is done, you can access the service by going to the hamburger menu within the Flipkart app from the top-left corner. Tap on the Video section, then ‘Get Started’, and you’re all set to go. Just like other streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, Flipkart also offers curated and personalised video content to the Indian audience. The e-commerce platform asks you to select at least three videos “to personalise the experience based on your choices.” 

While the Flipkart video streaming service is free of cost at the moment, the titles are limited and there is no fresh content to offer. The majority of Flipkart’s videos are in Hindi, but there are some shows Tamil and Kannada languages. The interface is as simple as it gets and the theme is dark, much like its competitor. The content is delivered in two qualities: Auto and Good, with the latter showing videos in 480p.