Fortnite first-person mode reportedly coming next season

Fortnite is most likely getting a new first-person mode soon.

  • Epic Games is likely adding a first-person mode to Fortnite.
  • Fortnite first-person mode will most likely be added in the next season.
  • The current season of Fortnite will end on March 8th.

Epic Games is likely planning to introduce a first-person mode in Fortnite. HypeX, ShiinaBR, GMatrixGames, and iFireMonkey, who have previously leaked a lot of Fortnite information, have claimed that the new mode is coming next season. It won’t be surprising to see a first-person mode in Fortnite as the game had previously added a no-build mode, where players cannot build structures for defence. A first-person mode will most likely be a welcome addition to Fortnite, while making the game feel a bit more competitive.

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Fortnite dataminers like HypeX and Shiina have previously been correct about a lot of unannounced information regarding the game. While Epic has not confirmed anything yet, the game mode may likely be on its way. The current season of Fortnite is set to conclude on March 8th, with the next season likely beginning on March 9th. The start date of the next Fortnite season is not confirmed yet as Epic has previously taken the game offline for a few days after season finale events.

The next season of Fortnite will reportedly have a “Futuristic/ Neo-Tokyo” theme with a new Neo-Tokyo location. Besides these, Lucky Landing is expected to return alongside new futuristic bikes. The game is also said to get an Attack on Titan themed battle pass with Eren Yeager skin and a new Mythic Weapon inspired from Eren’s Waist Grappler. Other Attack on Titan cosmetics may include Scout Regime Salute emote, Crossed Swords banner icon, Ice Fist of Titan pickaxe, Angry Eren animated emoji, and a weapon wrap. Apart from these, there are reports of upcoming Resident Evil and Star Wars collaborations for Fortnite, which could bring even more cosmetics and limited-time modes to the game.