Free Fire 4th anniversary event: date, rewards, giveaways, and everything else you need to know

In this article we have garnered all the necessary details about the Free Fire 4th anniversary event which matters to you. Let's have a detailed look at the new features. 

The Free Fire 4th anniversary event has been kicked off in India. It has been marked with multiple rewards, giveaways, exclusive costumes, skins, weapons, and more. The event celebrates Free Fire’s four years of completion. The game was originally launched back in 2017 and since then the game has become one of the most popular online battle royale games for both Android mobile phone and iPhone users. We take a look at all the necessary details about the Free Fire 4th anniversary event here in this article. So, without any further ado, let’s jump right at it.

Free Fire 4th anniversary event details

As stated above, the Free Fire 4th anniversary event celebrates the completion of four years of the popular battle royale game. During the event the game developers are offering in-game events, rewards, giveaways, redeem codes, and a lot more. Per the official website, there will be daily log-in missions and rewards, gaming enthusiasts can also avail numerous prizes in fragment Royale. 

Free Fire 4th Anniversary event dates

The Free Fire 4th anniversary event started on August 20th and will continue till September 5th. During the event, the company will introduce various things on the following dates:



4th Anniversary Party

August 20th to September 5th

Lone Wolf Mode Opens

August 20th to August 29th

Login 7 days

August 23rd to September 1st

Complete Missions

August 20th to September 5th

Exchange Tokens

August 28th to September 5th

Anniversary Quiz

August 20th to August 29th

After match drop

August 20th to September 5th


August 28th to September 5th

Log in for free character

August 28th

CS Cup Challenge 1.0: August 28

August 28th

Play to get Cube fragment

August 28th

CS Cup Challenge 2.0

September 3rd

Free Fire 4th anniversary rewards 

The Free Fire 4th anniversary brings the following rewards, which you can grab during the ongoing event:

  • Clash Squad: Request Function 
  • New Item and Weapons
  • Grenade Range
  • Advanced M4A1
  • New Special Attachments 
  • Character Adjustments

Free Fire 4th Anniversary giveaways

The details of Free Fire 4th anniversary event giveaways are as follows:

  • After 7 days of logging, players will receive “Thrash Metallic”
  • After five days of logging, they will receive the “Turn Up” banner.
  • If you log in for three days, then you will get a “Bright Lights” avatar. 
  • If you complete all the missions, then you will get rewards like Clash Squad Cup Upgrade Voucher, Diamond Royale Vouchers and Anniversary Red Tokens.

Lone Wolf mode

Lone Wolf is a new game mode introduced by Free Fire on its 4th-anniversary event. The mode has been added to a new map called Iron Cage. It’s a 1v1 battle, where you can play against your opponent to see who is the better player. The official forum confirmed that the best of nine 1v1 battles will decide the better player. The new game mode also comes with rewards like Weapon Royale Voucher and Anniversary Dynamic Token after playing 3 games, Diamond Royale Voucher and Anniversary Dynamic Token after 5 games, and Incubator Voucher and Anniversary Dynamic Token after 10 games.

Clash Squad

Clash Squad is a new Rank Season 8, which will allow the player to rank up to Gold III or above to receive some exclusive item like Golden AN94. The game developers have also included an item request feature which will allow you to “request your team to purchase an item directly to your inventory.” Players can now choose to display their backpacks in Clash Squad from the Vault.

Battle Royale

With the introduction of the revival system, ranking up became difficult for a player as the opponents were returning to the battle after death. To improve this the game developers have decided to adjust the points calculation in the Battle Royale.

Grenade Range

The Free Fire 4th anniversary event also comes with a new training ground called Grenade Range. Here players can practice their basic mechanics with utility grenades. 

New Weapon and improvements

Free Fire also receives an array of new weapons with the introduction of the 4th-anniversary event. Here is the list of new weapons and improvements. 


The game developers have added a new marksman rifle called the AC80, which is available in Clash Squad and Battle Royale.

  • Base Damage: 50
  • Rate of Fire: 0.45
  • Magazine: 10
  • Attachments: Muzzle, Grip, Stock


The game developer has added three new modifications to the M4A1. “Players can pick up or purchase the M4 Chip to upgrade their M4A1 into the X, Y, or Z version,” per the official website.


UZI the SMP weapon is always considered a weak weapon compared to AR due to its small magazine size. However, the company has improved the damage and balance of the weapon to increase its reliability in close combat.

  • Minimum Damage: +8 percent
  • Magazine: +2
  • Effective Range: +10 percent


The XM8 gun is currently a bit weaker than other ARs (Assault Rifles) due to its lower damage and non-adjustable scope. The game developers have made some tweaks to improve the capabilities of the weapon.  

  • Rate of Fire: +10 percent
  • Recoil: +5 percent


We all know that SPAS12 is one of the weaker shotguns in Free Fire and no one wants to pick it up. With the new update, the weapon received more attachment slots to make sure it’s more reliable than before. 

  • Added Muzzle and Scope attachment slot.
  • Range: +15 percent


Vector also falls in the category of SMPS weapons and here are the tweaks by the weapon with the new patch. 

  • Range: +5 percent
  • Movement Speed: +10 percent


“The M1887 is too strong in all categories at this moment since it does not require any attachments. We’re taking some of its power away to make sure weapons with attachment slots can be used to counter the M1887 when they’re fully geared.”

  • Armor Penetration: -6 percent
  • Range: -8 percent
  • Rate of Fire: -5 percent

Special Attachments

  • Shotgun Muzzle – +1 bullet in each shotgun shell fired.
  • SMG Muzzle – Minimum damage range+1, range+1, every third shot will deal 1.2x damage.
  • AR Magazine – Rate of fire increase, magazine size -15 percent