Free Fire Max will let you unlock characters for free with the new Link system

  • Garena is set to release a new update for Free Fire Max, which will introduce the Link system.
  • The Link system will allow players to unlock Free Fire Max characters for free.
  • The Free Fire Max Link system will have some restrictions to ensure that players invest a lot of time in unlocking characters.

Garena is gearing up to launch a new update for Free Fire Max that will introduce the brand-new Link system. Players will be able to unlock characters for free using the new Link system. Currently, you can unlock characters with the premium currency Diamonds only. The new gameplay mechanic will be great for free-to-play players, who prefer not to purchase Diamonds in Free Fire Max. The Link system will be added in an upcoming update for Free Fire Max, which will most likely be OB33.

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With the new Link system in Free Fire Max, players will be able to unlock characters in exchange for gold or by completing in-game objectives. The Link system will be available in the Character section of the menu. Players can select a character they want to link, and obtain the character. After getting their preferred character, players need to complete in-game objectives or spend Gold to obtain Link progress points. It’s unclear whether newly added characters will be available to unlock using the Link system right away.

Garena has set some limits to this system to make sure that players don’t unlock all the characters right away. For instance, you will need 13,500 Link progress to fully unlock a character, but you can get only 1,500 progress and use Gold to get 500 points in a day. Besides these, you can only Link one character at a time. This process may seem like somewhat of a grind when you start unlocking your favourite characters. Once you gather 13,500 Link progress points, your preferred character will be unlocked.

Free Fire Max will also let you switch characters in the Link process. For example, if you are in the process of unlocking Dasha but want to unlock some other character first, then you can switch to another character using Relink and the Link progress with Dasha will be saved. You can come back to Dasha and continue with your progress later.