Free Fire gets Squid Game’s Red Light, Green Light mode: here’s how to play

Garena's Free Fire has added Squid Game-inspired Red Light, Green Light mode that brings high-stakes action to the shooter.

  • Garena has added a new game mode called Red Light, Green Light to Free Fire
  • The mode is inspired by Netflix’s recently released show Squid Game
  • Free Fire Red Light, Green Light is already available on Android, while iOS will get it by October 20th

Garena has collaborated with one of Netflix’s most popular shows, Squid Game, to add a new game mode in Free Fire. The mode is titled Red Light, Green Light, which is in fact the name of the Squid Game’s first episode as well. It portrays the same elements that you may have seen in the episode. The gist of Free Fire Red Light, Green Light mode is that you have to cross, without being caught moving. The Squid Game inspired mode fits in perfectly with the battle royale genre of Free Fire, where only one survivor emerges as the winner. This is among the many collaborations Free Fire has done before to deliver a fresh experience to the gamers. Here’s how the new Free Fire Red Light, Green Light mode works and what you need to do play it on your mobile phones.

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What is Free Fire Red Light, Green Light mode?

Free Fire’s version of Red Light, Green Light features 50 players, who are all wearing the same outfit. Similar to Squid Game, the game mode has a giant creepy doll and players have to reach the finish line without being noticed by this doll. The doll sings a melody and turns around every few seconds. If the doll catches a player moving, they will be struck by lightning, killing them instantly. To avoid getting killed, players need to move towards the finish line slowly while making sure they aren’t caught by the doll. The first player to cross the finish line will be the winner.

How to Play Free Fire Red Light, Green Light mode

The Red Light, Green Light is already available for download on the Android version of Free Fire. Players who use iOS-powered devices will get access to the game mode via a new update that will roll out on October 20th. In any case, players need to download the latest update of Free Fire to check out Red Light, Green Light. The update size would be about 202MB for Android mobile phone users, who can head over to Google Play Store to download it.

Here’s how you can play Red Light, Green Light in Free Fire:

  • Click on the ‘Battle Royale/Modes’ menu
  • Find ‘Red Light, Green Light’ mode and click on the ‘Start’ button

It remains to be seen whether Garena adds even more Squid Game-inspired game modes to Free Fire.