Free Windows Phone 7 For All Microsoft Employees

Twitter world is full of tweets that the IT giant Microsoft will give out its Windows Phone 7 to its employees for free. Now, if the some media report is to be believed then Microsoft has said that all its employees — which number almost 90,000 globally — will be getting Windows Phone 7. Windows-Phone-7-Series-on-HTC-HD2 Through this announcement, Microsoft will be undoubtedly getting a good publicity and this aggressive move could also help the company to create a sufficient hype and excitement among smartphone buyers before the launch of this Windows 7 phone — which is set to officially launch in October. It is to be noted that Microsoft is trying harder to create its place in the smartphone market. ‘Employees getting this phone’ is also supposed to help the company in another way. Atleast the sales people and PR people would be able to convince the customers better than ever, as they will be well-versed with the phone. Recommendations by word of mouth could also work in favour of the company. No wonder that this is simply an in-house marketing trick played by Microsoft,  just to get people talking about Microsoft’s latest phone in a more positive way. But on the other hand, the overexcited Microsoft employees have been tweeting since the news broke. No doubt that everyone likes free stuff and it’s going to be a definite morale booster for the employees. Hope, this strategy works in favour of both Microsoft as well it’s ever-excited employees. Look out for the increasing tweets on this announcement:

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