Funtouch OS 12 update release date in India, features, compatible devices, and more

Vivo is bringing Android 12 to its existing devices in the coming months with Funtouch OS 12 and here's when you get it.

Android 12 has officially made its way to the market, giving it the title of being the latest Android version. Google has released Android 12 for compatible Pixel phones already, while other brands starting working behind the scenes to get their devices updated. One such brand is Vivo, which has got the Funtouch OS running on its smartphones in the country. The company has customised its interface and built it over Android. And this year, Vivo is bringing the Funtouch OS 12 version, which is based on Android 12. The new version promises new features that are going to change the experience for the user. Vivo has also shared the list of devices getting Funtouch OS 12, along with the release date in India and more. Here are all the details about Funtouch OS 12.

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Funtouch OS 12 India release date

Vivo has confirmed that its latest premium flagship will be the first to get Funtouch OS 12 version. We are talking about the Vivo X70 Pro+ which will get upgraded to Funtouch OS 12 by end of November 2021. And gradually, Vivo to offer Android 12 updates for its devices that will go on till April 2022, by then most Vivo phones should be running on Android 12.

Funtouch OS 12 features

So, what can we expect from the new Funtouch OS version in terms of features? From the looks of it, Vivo is not planning on major design overhauls. Instead, it has opted for minimal changes with more focus on features that enhance the user experience. Funtouch OS 12 changes include a different UI, new widgets, an option to extend RAM (virtually), and more. Here is the full list of changes coming to Funtouch OS 12.

New UI design

As we saw with Android 12, Vivo is offering a new UI design with Funtouch OS 12. The look and feel of the OS will be refreshing, and the size of the widgets, along with the font will offer a clean visual experience. And a big part of the improvement will be in the form of widgets. Vivo wants to offer more details to the user on the home screen, and the introduction of small widgets will cater to that need without compromising on the interface.

Extendable RAM support

Vivo is bringing the extendable RAM support to more devices with Funtouch OS 12. Manufacturers claim they use some part of the storage to extend RAM virtually. No one has been able to vouch for such performance credentials but looks like Vivo wants to continue doing it. And with Funtouch OS 12 more Vivo phones can expand RAM up to 4GB.

Mini music player

More phone brands are making convenience their mission, and one such attempt comes through offering a mini music player. Funtouch OS 12 is getting a mini music player that sits on the home screen and offers quick access to your local or Spotify playlist. It’s easy and quite useful and I am sure Vivo users will like it.

These are some of the top features of Funtouch OS 12. In addition to them, the new custom skin comes with several new features of Android 12, including Privacy Dashboard that help users keep track of apps that access sensitive permissions.

Funtouch OS 12 compatible mobile update rollout

Vivo X70 Pro+ is the first device to get Funtouch OS 12 but here is a detailed list of other Vivo phones getting the new Android 12-based version in the coming months.

  • Vivo X70 Pro+ – November 2021
  • Vivo X60 Pro+ – December 2021
  • Vivo X60 Pro – December 2021
  • Vivo X60 – December 2021
  • Vivo V21 – December 2021
  • Vivo Y72 5G – December 2021
  • Vivo X70 Pro – January 2022
  • Vivo V21e – January 2022
  • Vivo V20 2021 – January 2022
  • Vivo V20 – January 2022
  • Vivo Y20 – January 2022
  • Vivo Y21 – January 2022
  • Vivo Y51A – January 2022
  • Vivo Y31 – January 2022
  • Vivo X50 – March 2022
  • Vivo X50 Pro – March 2022
  • Vivo V20 Pro – March 2022
  • Vivo V20 SE – March 2022
  • Vivo Y33s – March 2022
  • Vivo Y20G – March 2022
  • Vivo Y53s – March 2022
  • Vivo Y12s – March 2022
  • Vivo V17 Pro – April 2022
  • Vivo V17 – April 2022
  • Vivo S1 Pro – April 2022
  • Vivo Y19 – April 2022
  • Vivo Y73 – April 2022
  • Vivo Y51 – April 2022
  • Vivo Y20 – April 2022
  • Vivo Y20i – April 2022
  • Vivo Y30 – April 2022

Funtouch OS 12 for iQOO smartphones

Vivo’s sub-brand iQOO also uses Funtouch OS software for its smartphones in the market. So, understandably, the company decided to share details for its Funtouch OS 12 rollout for the phones. The good news is most iQOO phones will get Android 12 by end of 2021, but the wait is slightly longer. Here is the timeline for when iQOO phones get Funtouch OS 12 version:

  • iQOO 7 – December 2021
  • iQOO 7 Legend – December 2021
  • iQOO Z3 – December 2021
  • iQOO Z5 – December 2021
  • iQOO 3 – March 2022

As you can see here, the premium and mid-range iQOO phones are getting a taste of Android 12 this year itself. While the only device left out for 2021 is iQOO 3. Still, pretty impressive list for a new brand.

FunTouch OS 12 news

Origin OS launch on December 9th

Vivo has announced that it’ll introduce new version on Origin OS on December 9th. The OS, for those unaware, is a platform of choice for Vivo phones in China instead of FunTouch OS. The new OS will be called Origin OS Ocean, and it’s said to come with a ton of enhancements, which will allow users to relish in an elevated, futuristic experience.

FunTouch OS 12 beta update eligible devices (October 23rd)

Vivo has released an Android 12-based FunTouch OS 12 rollout schedule for Vivo X, V, Y and S series smartphones in India. The Vivo X70 Pro+ will be the first in line to receive it. This will be followed by Vivo X70 Pro, Vivo X60 Pro+, X60 Pro, X60, V21, and Y72 5G, among others.

iQOO Android 12 beta rollout timeline announced (October 22nd)

Android 12-based FunTouch OS 12 will start rolling out to iQOO smartphones by December 2021. iQOO 7 series will be among the first smartphones to receive the update. iQOO Z5, Z3, and 3 will also be upgraded to FunTouch OS 12.