Galaxy Forever is the most affordable way to own a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Here’s how

India is one of the biggest markets for smartphones and, of course, everyone aspires to buy a flagship smartphone as these offer the best of everything: amazing display, superior performance, fantastic cameras, and so much more. A premium smartphone experience has, in fact, become more important than ever as people stay at home and use their smartphones for work and entertainment.

However, flagship smartphones are usually unaffordable for many due to the same being a premium device. In order to make the latest Galaxy Flagship smartphones accessible to many, Samsung has introduced the new Galaxy Forever program. Galaxy Forever is the most affordable and convenient way to purchase a flagship Galaxy Note20 or Galaxy S20 series smartphone. Under this program, a Samsung Galaxy flagship smartphone can be yours by paying just 60 percent of the actual cost! Let’s have a look at everything that’s on offer.

How Galaxy Forever program works

As mentioned earlier, you can purchase the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy Note20, and even the Galaxy Note20 Ultra at just 60 percent of the cost with Galaxy Forever. Just select the Samsung Galaxy flagship smartphone you want, pay 20 percent of the cost as down payment, and take the device home! It’s really that simple. The best part about this? Adding to that, you pay the remaining 40 percent of the smartphone’s cost in 11 easy EMIs; something that won’t hit your budget. The cost of owning a premium smartphone really does go down drastically with Galaxy Forever.


EMI starting at

Galaxy S20

Rs 3233

Galaxy S20+

Rs 3545

Galaxy S20 Ultra

Rs 4373

Galaxy Note20

Rs 3545

Galaxy Note20 Ultra

Rs 4627

Now, you must be wondering what happens after you pay the 11th EMI. Well, in the 12th month of owning the smartphone, you can opt for one of the following three choices:

  1. Retain the Samsung smartphone you have been using
  2. Return it to a nearest Samsung store
  3. Return & Upgrade to a new Samsung Galaxy smartphone

Under the first choice, you choose to keep your device by paying the balance 40 percent in easy EMIs. Alternatively, you can return it at your nearest Samsung Store, no questions asked. Then there’s the third and the most attractive option – upgrade to the next-gen Galaxy flagship model. For this, just visit your nearest Samsung Store and trade in your old device and upgrade to the latest model on offer. Anyone who is passionate about technology would definitely go for the third option!

Worried what will happen if the phone’s screen gets cracked in these 12 months? Well your smartphone is covered with one year accidental and liquid damage cover with Galaxy Forever. Thus Samsung will takeback your phone even with a cracked screen, no questions asked.

Thus what are you waiting for, go ahead, make a smart choice with Samsung Galaxy Forever.