Garmin teases new smartwatch launch in India with solar charging tech

A Garmin smartwatch is on its way to India soon.

  • Garmin India has teased a new smartwatch in India.
  • The smartwatch will come with solar charging tech, improved fitness and running features.
  • Garmin smartwatch’s launch date is not revealed yet.

Garmin India has teased a brand new smartwatch’s launch in India on its Twitter handle. The company is quite popular for its premium smartwatches, which are also known to be quite accurate with the activity data of the users. While the brand hasn’t revealed the marketing name of the smartwatch it is planning on unveiling, the teaser posted on Twitter has revealed some key features of the smartwatch. The image reads ‘More Advanced More Premium, the Leader is back.’

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Furthermore, the image shows the smartwatch will have a new feature called the ‘Solar Intensity’, which probably means it can show users how hot the temperature is outside. This is a new feature that we haven’t seen on any smartwatches recently.

New Garmin smartwatch

The new Garmin smartwatch will be targeted at runners, as evident from the runner’s pitch in the teaser image. It will have solar charging tech that will absorb sunlight to charge the watch. Besides these, we can speculate it will have improved fitness and running features. That’s pretty much everything we could gather about the smartwatch at the moment but since the brand has started teasing its features, but we can speculate the launch could be inching close and more details should be revealed pretty soon.

As for the price, Garmin smartwatches are usually on the premium side. Garmin will attract a niche audience, especially those who are into sports. The company has models that compete with Apple, but the data tracking is particularly better than some budget alternatives.