Gmail’s Confidential Mode to roll out to all users on June 25th

“Gmail’s Confidential Mode will allow users to revoke sent emails, while also restricting recipients from forwarding or printing sensitive info”

Google has finally set a date on rolling out the Gmail Confidential Mode to all users worldwide, with the privacy-centric feature issued a June 25 release date. The Confidential Mode was previously introduced in Gmail’s beta version and gives users a wide set of privacy-centric features to capitalise on, when sending sensitive information via emails to recipients.

According to the feature description, the Gmail Confidential Mode will allow users to set an expiration date to emails, as well as having the ability to revoke previously sent emails in case the deemed information is sensitive in nature. Furthermore, Confidential Mode will allow senders to prevent recipients from copying, downloading, forwarding or printing emails sent using this mode, hence issuing specific restrictions against misuse of information disbursed. Emails sent using the Confidential Mode on Gmail will also be sent with a disclaimer, specifying the scope of usage of the email, so as to prevent disputes when it comes to understanding the premise of the feature.

Gmail Confidential Mode

While Confidential Mode in Gmail can be activated from any private account, users of Gmail on business networks of organisations using the enterprise suite will need sanction from network administrators in order to enable the feature. This is being done in order to ensure that no misuse of business information is done and fraudulent conversations are restricted on the Gmail network. The Confidential Mode is a positive move in terms of protecting the privacy and sanctity of information sent on Google’s ecosystem and will positively bolster Google’s enterprise communication suite.

Google has been steadily looking to improve its business offerings, with new features being highlighted in Google’s Hangouts chat app. The messaging service now supports a more versatile set of features, including calendar integration and multiple screen modes to support a wider range of utilities. With Confidential Mode, Google will also streamline the usage and transmission of sensitive information on email, which often ends up being an area of contention among organisations. With the new feature, organisations can send a pre-set disclaimer that would help them claim copyright and privacy infringement, in case of information breach.