Goldmedal i-Dock Music Player launched for Rs 6,100

“The i-Dock Music Player is essentially a dock for Apple and Bluetooth-enabled devices”

India-based accessories manufacturer Goldmedal Electricals has expanded its range of audio devices by launching the i-Dock Music Player. It is essentially a dock for Apple devices, including the iPhone and iPod, and Mp3 players. The accessory lets you charge as well as play music stored on these devices.

i-Dock Music Player

The Goldmedal i-Dock Music Player can fit into the wall of your living room or bedroom. The accessory can be installed into a flush box with the brand’s modular cover plates. The system has two 4W speakers and an in-built stereo amplifier. You can connect an iPhone to the player by placing it on the dock. You can also play music from other sources like iPods or music players thanks to the presence of a 3.5mm socket.

You can also pair smartphones to the music player over Bluetooth. The system can also be connected to any Hi-Fi or multi-room systems through Bluetooth or a line output. Notably, the i-Dock Music Player also comes with FM Radio functionality. The accessory can be operated either via a remote or manually.

iDock Music Player

Commenting on the launch, Kishan Jain, Director, Goldmedal Electricals said, “We are a technology-driven company that firmly believes in providing consumers with cutting-edge products that are truly ahead of their time and make a positive difference in the lives of consumers. We are continuously upgrading our products and solutions to cater to the ever-evolving needs of our customers. With the launch of i-Dock music player, we aim to provide both comfort and convenience to our customers”.

As for the pricing, the i-Dock Music Player has been priced at Rs 6,100. It is available to buy via major brick and mortar stores across the country as well as on leading e-commerce portals.