Google Chrome testing ‘Scroll to Text’ feature to allow users to share link to specific section on a page

“The ‘Scroll to Text’ feature will let users create a link to target a word or a phrase on a page if there is no ‘anchor’ to store data.”

Google Chrome is experimenting a new feature called ‘Scroll to Text’ that will enable users to share a link to a specific word or phrase on a page easily, especially on a smartphone. The new feature somewhat seems similar to YouTube’s link share option, which allows a person to create a link that will start the video at a specific spot. For example, if the user wants his friend start playing at, say, at 2 minute 15 seconds mark, the link can be created for that specific spot.

Now, with this new feature of the Chrome, “Scroll to Text” users can create a link targeting a word or a phrase on a page if it does not have any anchor links. The ‘Anchor’ is the hashtag on the end of a link that takes the user to a specific part of the link. But, for this, a web page needs to provide the anchors first.

ChromiumCurrently, the project is available on GitHub and is being imported to Chrome, as has been revealed by Chrome Story. One of the Chrome engineers, David Bokan has explained on Chromium Gerrit, “To enable users to easily navigate to specific content on a web page, we propose adding support for specifying a text snippet in the URL fragment.” He also said, “When navigating to a URL with such a fragment, the browser will find the first instance of the text snippet in the page and bring it into view.”

Reportedly, the feature is in a very early stage of development, so there is no news when it will be added in the Stable branch of Chrome. There is also a possibility of not implementing this method because as per Bokan, it can break some sites that use the ‘anchor’ to store data.

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