Google destroys 25 Chrome netbooks to prove a POINT!

Google announced the Chrome OS and the Chrome netbook couple of days ago. The advantages of Netbook and Chrome OS is that your data is in the cloud and no matter what happens to your netbook, the data is safe. Back in 2000, when we were working on mainframe projects, we used to hook on to the mainframes using ’emulators’ and do our work on the ‘cloud’. So the same concept is repackaged for modern-day usage and delivered in the form of Netbooks. Given that most of us spend more than 80% of our time in internet, the usecase of netbook is justified. google-destroys-25-netbooks So, to illustrate the point of ‘YOUR DATA IS SAFE’, google destroys 25 netbooks literally! Take a look at the bloody goriest video 🙂