Google Fit app for iOS with Apple Health compatibility launched

“The Google Fit app is touted to keep track of the users’ fitness and help them reduce the risk of heart disease, and improve sleeping patterns”

After five years of its initial launch, Google has finally expanded its health-focused Fit app support to iOS-powered devices. Starting today, users can download the app on iPhones and iPads from the App Store. The Google Fit is touted to keep track of your fitness and activities and help to reduce the risk of heart disease, improve sleep, and overall mental wellbeing. The app comes with two new activities: Move Minutes and Heart Points, to help users lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Google fit on iOS

The ‘Move Minutes’ feature will keep track of your movement, while the Heart Points will help you earn points for each minute of moderate activity like picking up the pace when walking your dog and double points for more intense activities like running. All these are said to help you reach the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Heart Association’s (AHA) recommended amount of physical activity. “It takes just 30-minutes of brisk walking five days a week to reach the AHA and WHO’s recommended amount of physical activity shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, improve sleep, and increase overall mental wellbeing,” according to Google.

Users can check their journal inside the Google Fit app and keep track of their activities on these activity goals. Apart from that, Google Fit is compatible with Apple Health, smartwatch, and apps such as Sleep Cycle, Nike Run Club and Headspace to give “holistic view of your health, so you’ll never lose track of your progress.”

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