Google Maps update brings real-time train status, bus travel times, and more

“Google Maps allows users to check trains between two destinations and their real-time status”

Google Maps has received a new update that brings three new India-specific features – the ability to check live status of trains, bus travel times in the ten largest cities in the country, and mixed-mode commute suggestions that combine auto-rickshaw and public transport. The Mountain View giant says that it worked with Sigmoid Labs, a local startup that manages ‘Where is My Train’ which offers similar functionality, for live train status. This feature allows users to check trains between two destinations and their real-time status directly within the app.

Furthermore, for bus travel feature, Google is relying on a combination of live traffic data and public bus schedules to estimate delays, thus providing accurate travel times. The feature will be available in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Lucknow, Chennai, Mysore, Coimbatore, and Surat. Google says that it one of a kind feature and is launching in India first. 

Lastly, the mixed-mode commute feature would be handy for users who opt for different modes of transport, such as auto, bus, train, for daily commutes to reach the destination. For example, the feature would let users know when they should take an auto or what station they should make the switch to another means of transport like metro, bus or auto-rickshaw. Google will also surface relevant information like auto-rickshaw fare estimate and departure time for a transit connection. However, the feature will be available in Delhi and Bangalore cities initially and will soon be extended to more cities, but a timeline isn’t mentioned.